Tips to make best basement bedroom ideas

When the family gets bigger when their teenager shouts that he wants a little more privacy. When we want an extra room to welcome his family or friends, turning his best basement bedroom idea can be the best solution. To offer a new room for one of your family members. But you have to be careful because such a development is subject to laws, rules. And renovating a basement requires some precautions and lots of advice. With our little guide on the development of a basement in your room, you will renovate this room in the rules of the art. And below we also invited to request a quote to professionals to make the layout of your future room.

Best basement bedroom ideas


Make a dreaming house is actually the best ideas. If you are interested to know basement bedroom ideas, I think our article will help you. Let’s have a look.

1. What the law says

You can not build your basement like that and on a whim. You must, therefore, know the rules and legislation concerning the development of a basement  : 
You must check with your town hall that you do not live in an area that is part of a flood prevention plan. For a room between 10 and 20 m², you have the obligation to make a declaration of work near your town hall. If you live in condominiums, you must ask the authorization to the condominium before doing your work. A basement is not considered a living room and is not subject to the Carrez law. But beware. If it is semi-buried and your inside is open to the outside, you are required to file an H2 return with your property tax office.

2. Layout a room in a basement and insulate his room

Layouts basement room paired you want this room does not become a cold room. It will have to isolate it, this is the first step. It is also necessary to act against moisture. This is always present in this type of room with a vapor barrier or by installing rotproof insulation that is resistant to moisture. Also, think about the sound insulation at the ceiling. Indeed, it is often there that the pipes of the house circulate and footsteps may sound in your room in the basement. To warm the room, we recommend an inertia model. It will be ample enough to heat this room. In addition, a buried room does not undergo large temperature variations.

3. Ventilate the room when you develop your basement

A basement is a room where ventilation is lacking in the majority of cases. This is almost normal since it is a room that is not intended for habitation. But to make a room, you will need to install ventilation. A simple flow will be enough.

4. Adapted lighting in your basement

There is rarely natural lighting in a basement. It is, therefore, a dark room and with a low ceiling requiring several operations, here are some tips to improve the lighting of your room in the basement: 

For example, opt for a ceiling light that will illuminate the entire room or recessed spots in the false ceiling. Create a warm atmosphere with another lighting as in a classic room. The ideal would be to make a natural skylight of course but it depends on the configuration of your basement and your budget.

5. Give volume to your room

room-basement-before-after room in a basement will often be a small room with a low ceiling. To not feel cramped and to give a feeling of space to your room, follow our advice: 
Paint the ceiling in white and the walls in light colors. This will enlarge the room. Think of the built-in cupboards. This is an important saving of space and the line of doors will give height to the room. Always in the spirit of giving height with vertical lines, you can line a piece of wall with a trompe l’oeil image or with the installation of stickers. To add depth to the room, lay floorboards that are positioned lengthwise. You can also put an XXL trompe l’oeil poster on a wall (a forest, a path, a street). This will give the impression that your room is bigger than it really is. You should also use low furniture so as not to suffocate the room and play with mirrors that will enlarge the room. If you run out of space, there are solutions to solve this problem. A closet under the stairs, a bed with drawers underneath to store your belongings. A TV hanging on the wall rather than placed on a piece of furniture. A mezzanine bed for a teen room with a desk underneath or a TV corner, tips are not lacking!

Conclusion for a good room in a basement

Before you start renovating your basement, you must first think about all the important and necessary details for such a transformation. If you have to cut down a partition, call in a professional so as not to weaken the structure of your home. For insulation and ventilation, again, seek professional advice. You can know the best basement bedroom ideas. This is the best place to tell you what to do in order to enjoy this new room in the best possible conditions.

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