Small bathroom? Make it grow with these ideas

Small bathroom

Magic does not exist, but imagination, ingenuity, and logic do. That is why, although we cannot make your bathroom increase in size, we can make it look like it, allying ourselves with decoration ideas that take more advantage of the space, making better use of not only every meter but also every centimeter, so that it is a practical, comfortable and beautiful place. Let’s do it!

1. Light, light and more lightSmall bathroom

Trust in the power of the sun and let every corner enter. Natural light not only visually multiplies the meters but creates a feeling of spaciousness. To do this, do not put obstacles in its path and dress the windows with light fabrics.

2. Bet on the mix

The best way to give life and movement to a small space is by mixing materials, textures, and colors. You can play, as in this space designed by Raúl Martins, with a black porcelain floor, marble walls, white furniture and sinks, and gold accessories, which add a ‘glam’ touch to the set. “Dare to combine modern and classic elements, different textiles, paintings, lamps, and sculptures … Space, where the mixture is unexpected and works aesthetically, is much more interesting,” says the interior designer.

3. A custom distribution

Of the space, the plant, and your needs. Think about whether you use the bidet if you need a vanity unit if you often use the bathtub … Thus, you will opt for an online distribution, which takes advantage of the wall or a U-shaped, which adapts to a square floor plan. In order not to create a feeling of being overwhelmed, it is important that there is a central area or a corridor that is wide enough to allow you to move without constriction.

4. Everything in order

It is one of the slogans of interior design, because an organized space, with nothing in between and where you can find what you are looking for without having to turn everything upside down, is always synonymous with success. In addition, the order makes us happier and extends the meters. Low washbasin furniture is welcome, provided that its dimensions are not excessive and its design is clean and simple so that it can camouflage itself in the environment.

5. Light colorsSmall bathroom

Beige, light gray, emerald green … And, of course, white, but always careful not to be cold. Bet on shiny coatings and reflective surfaces, which expand the light and create a feeling of space. Do not forget to compensate for excess light “with warm wooden accessories, vegetable fiber baskets, a vase with flowers or green leaves, which give a point of freshness, candles, and other accessories such as soap dishes or baskets.

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6. Simple and functional

Neither too much nor too little, when choosing the elements of your bathroom you should opt for pieces that respond to your needs (do you really need that trolley for your cosmetics?), Preferably with simple lines, so as not to recharge the space. Compact designs, like suspended models, are a good option, as they offer the same features, but take up less.

7. Goodbye bathtub, hello shower

Bring out your practical streak and think, be honest when answering, how many times have you bathed this year. One, two, or perhaps none? We love bathtubs, especially freestanding ones, but in small bathrooms, they are (almost) a privilege. If you have 4-5 square meters, the shower is a functional and comfortable option, which saves space and water and increases the feeling of spaciousness, especially if the tray is at ground level. If you have any doubts, keep in mind that there are companies that substitute one for the other in hours and that you can do it ‘wellness’.

8. Parts with more than one function

Sinks with support for towels, mirrors with wardrobe, heated towel rails … The double-use pieces are ideal in bathrooms of a few meters, where every centimeter counts, since they optimize the space, without losing functionality or charm.

9. Storage solutions

In small bathrooms, basin cabinets, especially closed ones, can subtract visual meters, so a good idea is to opt for solutions such as towel racks, stretched shelves, cabinets with XL capacity, higher narrow modules than usual, auxiliary carts that you can move to the bedroom … Practical proposals that take up less!

10. Add meters with mirrors

They are, in addition to being good allies in everyday life, one of the elements with the most possibilities in a small bathroom, since they extend the meters, provide depth, and multiply natural light.

11. Smart toilets

Ingenuity is always a good companion to small bathrooms. For this reason, the new toilets with washing function have everything to become one of the basic pieces, and not only in XS spaces, since they recover an element such as the bidet, integrating it naturally in the houses of the 21st century. Hygiene looks at the past with different eyes.

12. Use lighting to your advantage

Treat artificial lighting in your bathroom with care and care because it can also help you in the task of expanding the dimensions. Use a general light and at least one auxiliary light around the mirror, so you can get ready without problems of shadows or effects.

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