Tips for choosing a toilet for the bathroom

choosing a toilet

The toilet is one of the most important pieces in the bathroom. Thus, it is important to know which are the most important factors when choosing a toilet, combining aesthetics and comfort.

5 tips for choosing a  toilet for the bathroom

There are many types of toilets to choose from. Whether you want a toilet for your bathroom or a travel toilet style water chemical Lidl, you must take into account the following tips:

Aesthetics and comfort

Taking into account the great use that is made of the bathroom toilet, as well as the aesthetic weight that it has in this room, it is essential to find the best combination of both factors. Currently, suspended toilets are a trend. The tank is embedded in the wall so that its appearance is much lighter and modern. In a practical sense, this makes it much easier to clean the bathroom floor completely, without obstacles. However, you may prefer a vintage-style toilet such as the Roca old model toilet, it’s all a matter of taste!

Shape and size

When choosing a toilet , it is essential to take into account the space available in the bathroom. We must be able to use it comfortably, so that there is enough space around it. Round toilets have less length, so they are perfect if space is reduced. As for the square shape, they are a great option to gain space on the sides.

choosing a toilet

Toilet flushing

One of the most important aspects has to do with the discharge of the toilet or, what is the same, the exit of water evacuation. In the current market, there is a WC with water discharge to the ground or wall. There are also some models with dual output, although in this case, it is necessary that there is more space available in the bathroom.

Seat and cover

Each WC has its own lid and seat. Both are fixed to the cup with hinges that are usually made of stainless steel, very resistant material and with great durability. In the cushioned drop seat and lid, the opening hinges, as their name suggests, have a damping system, which allows closing the lid slowly without it being necessary to hold it in some way. In the universal seat and lid, they adapt precisely to any type of toilet, regardless of their shape and size.


the toilet measures are very important. In general terms, in the WC with the standard floor, the seat measures 40 cm in height, with a total height that does not exceed 80 cm and a depth of between 60 and 80 cm. As for the width, it is usually 40 cm.

And finally, we want to point out the importance of reducing the consumption of the toilet. For this, it is advisable to install a dual control mechanism, available in virtually all models that are currently on the market. The first button releases 3 liters of water, while the second releases between 5 and 6 liters. If we compare it with the system of a single control, water consumption can be reduced by 50%.

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