How to Cool Down a Conservatory This Summer

When you want to cool down your conservatory, some actions can help to achieve this. From using the right furniture to fitting blinds and sun shades, here are some tips that will help you stay cool this summer!

Use a cooling film

Adding a layer of thermal reflective film to your roof is one way to reduce the temperature in your conservatory. This will help reflect around 80% of the sun’s rays away from the conservatory interior, so it’ll be more comfortable to spend time in on hot days! Find out more about Conservatory Roof Conversions by going to a site like

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Use ceiling fans or freestanding units.

Both ceiling and freestanding fans are inexpensive and effective methods of cooling your conservatory. However, it’s essential to consider how much you can afford and what you’re looking for in terms of style and aesthetic.

Use air conditioning

Having an air conditioner installed in your conservatory is a fast way to achieve cooling but not the most economical in the long run. While they can be expensive, once they’re set up, they’ll ensure your space stays pleasantly cool throughout the day and into the evenings.

Plants and trees

A tree in your garden can be an excellent option for shading your conservatory. Deciduous trees such as beech, oak, and maple are all great options, as they shed their leaves during the colder months.

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Wind ventilation

A breeze from the outside is a great way to get some fresh air into your room. It’s also a great way to avoid overheating, as it circulates the air within your conservatory.

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