Important ways to look after your boiler

We rely on our boilers to provide us with hot water throughout the year and heating in the colder months. How efficient our system is will have an impact on the money that we spend on our energy costs each year.

Here are a couple of things that you can do to help look after your boiler and having it working optimally for as long as possible.

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Annual service – Plumber Gloucester company will come and take a look at your boiler once a year to check that it is in full and safe working order. This will mean the engineer spending some time checking over the key components of your boiler as well as checking the various emissions levels to ensure they are within the safe limits.

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Radiators – making sure that you regularly bleed your radiators means that you can ensure that there no air locks in your system that can cause it to work harder to heat your home and could have an impact on the system over time It is relatively easy to bleed a radiator and takes only a few minutes of your time. You should always start with the first radiator on your system and then work your way around the home.

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