Looking After your Kitchen so Your Kitchen Looks After You

The kitchen is the place in your home that runs everything else. From washing the clothes to preparing family meals, the kitchen is where it’s all going on, so looking after your kitchen is important if you want it to be able to look after you!

Here are some of the main parts of the kitchen, and how to look after them properly…

Cooker – Regularly cleaning the cooker is important as all of your food is prepared in it, so it can easily become dangerous if it is harbouring bacteria. Cookers can also get very greasy, so regular cleaning is a must to keep your cooker safe for food. To make sure that your cooker is looking its best there are also some great ways to keep it clean and shiny – for example, if you have a stainless-steel hob, rubbing a little bit of baby oil on it once it’s cleaned will give it a really good shine.

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Sink – The kitchen sink gets a lot of use so keep it working well! The plughole can become blocked if food debris and grease is poured down it, so don’t do this. You can also treat it once a week to soda crystals and boiling water to keep water running freely down the plughole.

Blocked plugholes can also be dealt with this way, so if you notice a bad smell or water not draining away then it is time to do this treatment. If the blockage is too big you will need to get the help of a professional like this drain lining company www.wilkinson-env.co.uk/news/drain-lining-no-dig-repair who will be able to clear a larger blockage.

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Washing Machine – Because all of your clothes go in the washing machine, it can easily get a bit grubby, especially if clothes are heavily soiled. Looking after your washing machine will prolong its life and will also ensure that your clothes are clean and hygienic. Using washing machine cleaners regularly will make sure that it remains hygienic. You should also keep an eye on what goes into the machines – pockets that haven’t been emptied are one of the worst culprits when it comes to washing machine blockages, so it is best to go through the pockets of everything before putting it in the machine.

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