Three Reasons Why Barn Conversions Remain a Popular Choice of Home Renovation Project

Buying a house is something that is a big decision. It is the most expensive purchase that you will ever make after all, so getting it right is important. For many people, making sure that they get their dream home is something that requires some creative thinking, and what is becoming more and more popular in recent years is taking an old building and converting it into a perfect home.

One of the types of building that has become much more sought after is the humble barn. Barns were used all over the countryside, but since the end of the Second world war, many were not needed and fell into states of disrepair. People started to realise that these buildings actually had a lot of potential in these modern times and started to convert them into beautiful homes. These are just a few reasons why barn conversions have become so popular…

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The Ability to Make it your Own – One of the appealing things about renovating and converting any building is being able to make it how you want it. Rather than buying a property that has already been designed and built, with a barn conversion you are buying a shell, and in many ways a blank canvas that you can have some input into when it comes to the design and layout, making it a property that fits your unique needs.

Living in a Bit of History – Many of the barns are older buildings, and this adds charm and character to them. Of course, because of this they will be listed, and you will have to abide by strict planning laws when you convert them. For example, having to use materials in keeping with the look of the barn, such as these Timberpride oak trusses. But this is what appeals to many people who take on a barn conversion project.

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The Spacious Feeling Inside – Barn conversions are great for getting that modern open plan living style. As well as the potential for large open spaces, they also tend to have higher ceilings which gives you that feeling of lots of space. Barn conversions are a great option for you if you want large and spacious areas rather than lots of smaller rooms.

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