Trends in decoration

All decoration is always subject to various factors such as the time of year, the tastes of families, budget, trends, etc., but it is always fun to have the best decoration for our homes and feel comfortable with the environment.

Actual trends

In 2018, the minimalist trend that had been used in recent years has gradually calmed down. For 2019, in the decorations, it is worth adding some texture and fun to the homes. It is no longer one or two colors, but in addition to using the minimalist style, you can add small colorful and thematic touches that can bring some personality and originality to space.

Think of the details

The room is a very important environment because it is the place where everyone meets and receives guests, so you must take it into account. It is worth adding some paintings and decorative objects such as ornamental plants to give a touch of comfort to this. These ornaments should have a certain color pattern so that you can feel a harmony between them. Not necessarily the same color, however, the objective is that there is a balance to achieve that compliance. trends in decoration are crucial.

You can also achieve this by positioning the carpets in the center, providing a touch of nuance that matches the colors of the room and finishes balancing the tones.


To make the decorations or, also, necessary remodeling, it is best to use materials that satisfy your desires, such as concrete, (so that the dining room tables are not so heavy), marble or glass. You must use materials that aesthetically do justice to the house and make them more modern. With the combination of them, you can get an excellent finish of remodeling and that contributes; a lot to the decoration.

Do not make mistakes!

You must take into account the common mistakes you need to avoid in interior decoration. It is very common for compulsive buyers to see a piece of furniture in a home shop and fall in love with it, but they do not stop to think if it really has the same style as the rest of the decoration of their house, if it is not the case, Is it worth the expense? Surely they will have to sell it later because they will realize that it does not agree with the other assets they own. Another frequent mistake that must always be remembered is to fill the walls with pictures, be they paintings or photographs. Sometimes, when hanging these cute ornaments we forget to leave space to the wall to breathe and probably the room ends up looking much smaller than it is. trends in decoration are crucial.

Also, making use of dark colors in a small space is the worst of errors; Of course, if your goal is to make it look bigger. Always remember to use white on the walls, they help reflect sunlight and expand the space inside the house, large or small. The luminosity will always be your best friend! trends in decoration are crucial.

Finally, if you want to add a touch of colorful print to the mix, try to do it in small doses, in this way the room will look more comforting. Otherwise, it will feel overwhelming to the eye.

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