10 Essential tips to decorate your dining table with style

Welcome!!! I am very excited to have this opportunity to share with you a little more about this subject that we are so passionate about decoration. Around here I will be weekly sharing tips and creative ideas to give your homes a very special and fun touch.

Today we are going to talk about an essential theme for every good host: “serve the table”. When we plan a small home we always want to take care of the details so that our guests feel comfortable. For that reason, I wanted to make this compilation of the 10 Essential Tips to decorate your dining table with style!

Tip # 1 The base of your table

The first decision will be how you want the bottom of your table to look. Depending on the occasion you can opt for a table “rustic” discarding the tablecloth and using only individual or background plates, or you can go for the most classic option using a tablecloth that covers the entire table. For my part I like to combine these two options depending on the formality that I want to give to the occasion, yes, never putting the dishes directly on the table! wooden dining table design is essential.

Tip # 2 Crockery to taste!

When placing crockery remember to always go from larger to a smaller size: bottom plate (optional), flat plate, salad plate and finally soup plate if necessary. The important thing is to find the balance in our table, for example, when I use a printed tablecloth I look for the tableware to be neutral to create contrast … the same when I use a stamped or very striking tableware I like the tablecloth to be in neutral colors. Of course depending on the taste of each one!

Tip # 3 Impact Napkins

When we sit down at the table, it’s the first thing that catches our attention. That’s why we must emphasize them, whether they are made of cloth or paper, you can play with the tones, the detail to wrap them, place them on the tableware or on the side, etc. Everything always depends on the formality of the occasion and that creative touch that everyone can contribute. wooden dining table design is essential.

Tip # 4 Cutlery

Normally you should place the forks on the left side, knives and soup spoon on the right side, dessert cutlery on top of the plate in horizontal position, using them from the outside inwards. Of course, this lends itself to an infinity of variations, I for example sometimes prefer to place them inside the napkin on the plate, next to it, etc.

Tip # 5

The glassware brings elegance and warmth, in addition to a very chic touch on our table. We always place them on the right side, varying the number and type of glasses according to the formality of the occasion.

Tip # 6 Centerpieces (my favorite part!)

This is a very important part of the table where there are certainly no written rules, you can walk from the wild wave to the classic and chic, using natural flowers, foliage, glass bases, metallic, or any other material. It’s a matter of everyone’s taste, with a little love and creativity I’m sure you’ll impact your guests! (soon I will make a special post on this subject). wooden dining table design is essential.

Tip # 7 Light your candles!

This point is optional, particularly I love them and I recommend them since they will give your table a much warmer and homelike touch, especially for night occasions. You can play with sizes, colors, and bases to give a different touch to the evening.

Tip # 8 Have fun with the identifiers

Another point where there are no limits to creativity. The identifiers and/or rings for napkins are accessories with which you can have fun when it comes to passing your guests to the table. For example, you can use them to assign a seat to each guest, place a menu in each position, a rustic detail on the napkin, among many others.

Tip # 9 The secret is in the details …

With this, we refer to that simple and delicate extra detail that will make your table unforgettable. It could be small chocolate in each position or an aromatic twig (rosemary, laurel, eucalyptus, etc.). The important thing is to make all our guests feel at ease. wooden dining table design is essential.

Tip # 10 DIY (Do it yourself)

To finish this fun post and always with the help of my friends from BECO, I moved to their facilities and with their products, I could assemble and serve a table for a special occasion using all the tips that I just shared. I hope you enjoy the result, see you next week with a new “deco post” and … to celebrate!

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