5 Creative Ways to Make the Most of a Small Dining Space

Turn a small dining room into an inviting gathering space with these no-fail design tips and tricks. Whether you have a designated room, a corner nook in the kitchen, or simply a blank stretch of wall, you can create a comfortable spot to share everyday meals and entertain guests.

These small dining room ideas will make your space look larger, help the flow of traffic, and increase storage in a small footprint. Here are five creative ways from best online casino to make the most of your small dining space.

1. Use a Slender Dining Table

You don’t have to use a round table. A slender dining table allows you to accommodate enough people if you have a large family or if you have many visitors coming over. Ensure that you get a piece of furniture that’s slim enough to allow 36 inches between the table and the wall. Also, you can get a large wall mirror and place it opposite the dining table, so that the room feels bigger as the mirror helps to expand your guests’ view. If the mirror is placed perpendicular to a window, it gives room for extra light by making it look brighter. Then, you can add artworks and table decorations for character and personality.

2. Make Your Dining Room Multifunctional

With a double duty dining table, you can adequately manage your space and make your dining space multifunctional. Some dining tables have extensions that can be used as a low-level storage bench or demarcation while the other part of the dining table can be used as a shelf. By doing this, you are killing two birds with a stone as you will have a comfortable dining area and beautiful workspace.

3. Build a Platform

You can elevate a small portion of your kitchen or living room with a platform, hence, demarcating the dining room from the kitchen or living room. Depending on your wall decoration, you can give your dining room a cube effect or draw attention to it by hanging a dining pendant light. You can, however, differentiate your dining area with a ceiling treatment if the height of the room does not allow for elevation, courtesy of machine a sous en ligne.

4. Keep it Light 

It’s so much easier for small spaces to feel dark, so if you’re dealing with a diminutive dining room, banish the shadows by keeping things light. If you’re seriously renovating, consider getting as much light in as possible by installing the largest windows you can. If it’s just a cosmetic makeover, consider the dining room color ideas and paint the walls in light colors and use pale linen curtain.

5. Make it Open-Plan

With a more relaxed approach to living, many homes have done away with traditional separate rooms in favor of open plan kitchen ideas. Other more compact spaces don’t have the square footage for a designated area for eating. But it’s still possible to create a small dining space with wow factor that works as a successful zone within an overall scheme. Open-plan, even if small, dining zones are a popular choice, with many contemporary schemes now embracing a more informal area that blends neatly with kitchen and living space. In a large enough room, this works just as well for formal dining as informal. The key is to delineate the space.

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