How to clean wooden doors

clean wooden doors

The wooden doors are an element present in most homes, but we do not always pay them adequate attention to guarantee their correct maintenance. And is that periodically we must carry out a thorough cleaning of all doors, both indoors and outdoors. For this reason, we explain in detail how to clean wooden doors.

How to clean wooden doorsclean wooden doors

Steps to follow:

Steps one

The first step when cleaning wooden doors will be to remove the dust that has accumulated since the last time we cleaned the door. To do this, you must use a cloth or soft cloth or a duster to avoid scratching the wood.

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Steps two

It will also be necessary to thoroughly clean the frame of the door, especially if it is an exterior door either towards the street or a balcony, terrace, etc. In this way, you can use a slightly moistened cloth to remove all the dirt. It important steps to clean wooden doors.

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On the other hand, it will be necessary to clean the knobs or handles of the door, since they can accumulate bacteria and dirt. Depending on the material with which they are manufactured, cleaning may vary, but you should always try to use a cleaning product that is not aggressive. Multi-purpose cleaners also used to clean windows, can be very useful for metal knobs.

Steps four

As for the cleaning of the door itself, you must choose any of the options to clean wood:

Vinegar and oil: these two natural products can help you to keep the doors of your home in perfect condition. You can see all the steps to follow in our article How to clean doors with vinegar and oil.
Ammonia: among the many uses of ammonia, you can use ammonia diluted with water to remove dirt.
Oil-based soap: this type of soap will contribute to the cleaning and maintenance of wood in optimal conditions.
Specific commercial products for wood: in the supermarkets and department stores you will find a whole range of cleaning products suitable for cleaning wooden surfaces. You should read the manufacturer’s instructions.
In any case, it will be essential to clean the doors in the direction of the grain of the wood to avoid leaving marks

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