Interior doors that will make your home look beautiful

Interior doors

Interior doors– The interior of our house keeps our most valuable treasures and secrets, and precisely one of the main functions of this is to keep the privacy of some spaces. That’s why interior doors are so important. But not only help us keep everything in its place, and secret house in your room, they are also excellent decorative elements because they allow us to give personality to our home.

And to help you make the interior of your home always look beautiful, we have put together 20 amazing door designs that will not allow anyone to steal your treasures, but will manage to raise envy and look of amazement.

Light wood, and defined lines

the Interior doors

This first door is a modern variation to traditional wooden doors. Its design is simple: clear wood with rectangular shapes that are arranged in a perfect way, achieving a very stable appearance and a perfect match with each of the connecting rooms.

Two-leaf interior doors

The two-leaf doors are ideal for open spaces, and long walls. They serve to regulate the passage of one room and another and are perfect for warm climates.

Only the frame

This innovative system of glass doors propose us to eliminate, almost completely, the traditional design, leaving only a frame to indicate the precise place where a room ends and another begins. This type of doors is ideal for small spaces, and social rooms such as the living room  and dining room.

Various materials in a uniform design

This design is the perfect example of harmony between the decoration of the interior and the door that connects the spaces, because without having to choose a complicated design, it manages to integrate the materials of the environments to maintain unity.

With walnut plates

A great idea to give prominence to our doors is to combine the materials that surround it with hers. Always trying to keep them in the same decorative style. In this case, for example, a door with walnut panels has been placed in the middle of a stone wall to give continuity with the natural materials. And to put more emphasis on the door has been placed a white frame that limits it completely.

Modern and slid able

When we have small spaces, or want to put the door in a narrow corridor, it is best to place sliding doors. That way we will not have to deal with open doors and we can avoid accidents. In addition, the designs for sliding doors help us to give a modern look to the spaces.

French design

Installing a traditional fully glazed French design door, consisting of four folding doors, is an excellent idea to achieve a fresh, modern or minimalist interior.

A work of art

We can include art in any space of our home, even in doors like these where they become the canvas of the artist, and design is his masterpiece.

Smart as you can not

The mirrors and crystals help you to give an elegant and sophisticated look to your home. And in the case of outdoor doors you can combine them with other opaque materials to make them more discreet, for example with wood, PVC or metal.


Who said doors cannot be fun? And the best thing is that they do not need too much to do it, it will suffice with a double leaf sliding system where one of them is a simple glass, and the other a door painted with the blackboard technique. You can leave cute messages to your family.

Vintage design

The vintage style is perfect for interior decoration, when we want to create a warm atmosphere in our home. And for this you can choose doors like the one in the image, which combine wood with opaque glass.

Now you see it, now you do not see it

This door has an unconventional system, as it is completely embedded in the wall. So you can close it when you need privacy or open it when you want to have a shared space. It’s as if you could disappear it!

Frosted glass

The frosted glass works perfectly to keep an elegant and well lit space, but with the privacy you need, or want in it. In addition, unlike regular glass, it allows us to better control the passage of sunlight, and avoid getting hurt in the eyes with their reflections.

For exterior or interior

This design is beautiful both for exterior and interior. In fact you could reproduce a part of your façade inside your home, or maintain uniformity in the doors using similar designs, but in smaller dimensions.

 Rustic style

The rustic interior door made of a single sheet of solid wood with wrought iron hinges, makes your home look like a hacienda, and with this dark wood of robust and striking appearance, you will feel again as in the freedom of the countryside.

For a winery

If you want to have a studio, industrial, modern or shared-style home, and the walls cause you conflicts, then you can use a still-life door. A wide structure that will function as a wall when closed, and that will allow you to open, almost completely, the environments from time to time. And to keep it from being heavy, sliding systems are the best.

A continuation

This incredible design has decided to make the door a continuation of the ceiling, and of the floor that rises elegantly in the middle of a pair of glass. It is perfect for modern environments, or to give elegance to rustic spaces.

Brilliant as silver

If you want an incredible space, and different from all the others, you can bring all the shine, distinction and elegance of silver to your doors with a design like this. The secret is to choose a suitable metallic paint, and decorate your door.

 Removable door

This design will keep your spaces secret for longer. Well when it’s closed it looks like a wooden plate that has been added to the wall for decorative reasons, but when you open it a wave of beauty overflows through your rooms.


Finally, a door so incredible that you will want to have it right now in your house. A super elegant structure that only uses a metallic system for sliding, and two glass plates to close the passage and keep things in place.

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