Discover the 7 amazing modern house plans

Many times, after having worked very hard and finally having the money in your hands to acquire the house of your dreams. It turns out that the options that you see right and left do not really match what you had been waiting for or what you worked so much. Building your own house is starting from scratch can be equally complicated if you do not have the modern house plans to guide or take inspiration from.

If that is your case, at last you can and want to take that step and get the house of your dreams. We bring you 7 plans for modern houses that will surely be of great help. They worked for us, so we are sure they will work for you too.

We put everything at your disposal to start building the house of your dreams. Either you make it equal to one of these 7 or just take an idea of each of them.

Why see these 7 plans of houses already built? That may be a great doubt that you have raised at some point. In the end, what you want is the originality and a totally new vision. Creativity does not come from anything.

Inspiring inspiration is something very important that you must do whenever you want to create something from scratch. In this case, being the house of your dreams. The best thing to do is to carefully observe what others have done, not to copy it or try to imitate it, but to try to understand why they did it that way.

And that is, whether you are an architect or an interior designer; You can not rely solely on the closed vision of how you want things. Exploring and analyzing the work of others is a crucial process to come up with our own style.

These seven planes of modern houses are a great source of inspiration. That is because everyone sought to get out of the mold and earn their place in the classification of modern. So, if you want to achieve that effect and catch the essence of the concept of modernism; You need to analyze this type of work.

Believe us, we more than anyone, we are supporters of originality; of pride produced by one’s work. So we never copy or plagiarize others; So do not confuse your source of inspiration with something negative, while you print to that house you want to build your own essence, we guarantee you will not have an equal.

Modern two-story house with pool

Modern two-story house with pool

A family home can hardly enter the classification of modernism if you do not have several key elements. Fortunately for you, you are looking for ideas and inspiration; We opened this article with a clear example of a modern house that has included all of them.

Without falling into overload when using resources. In this modern house, you can appreciate a minimalist facade and, thanks to its large windows, offers excellent use of natural light without privacy by including a complete blind.

On the other hand, in the back, where there is no traffic of unknown persons; You can see more clearly the impact that glass walls produce throughout the house. Using cloth curtains for the bedroom this time; which guarantees privacy and a feeling of warmth.

Here you can see how a fireplace has been incorporated right next to the outside environment. If you have water, you must have the fire, and vice versa. That is a very crucial resource of modernism.

The entertainment room incorporates both technology and a huge bookcase. Combining two times in a very dynamic way. Look closely at the art resource used on the other wall, Marilyn’s paintings remind us of the way Andy Warhol is one of the most important icons of pop culture; I used to paint.

The invisible kitchen

The invisible kitchen

A very important factor that we can never forget. Without handles and perfectly combining black and white with steel. This kitchen also has a great resource in brown, with which a homelike feeling is achieved between both modernism.

Finally, we see how the bathroom has been perfect to give a greater sense of spaciousness; and it is that instead of using smooth white walls, it has used the glass on which we have placed the mirrors.

So the bathroom looks much bigger than it really is and when you want privacy. We simply drop the blinds.

The room is a place we prefer to visualize on your own this time, after showing you all the previous environments; I’m sure you’ve got a good idea of how a modern house should look.

A modern two storied house with two rooms

A modern two-storied house with two rooms

Many people think that 86 square meters are a very small space to have a comfortable and beautiful house.

The distribution can be guessed just by looking at the exterior of this small modern house. With a room on the top floor, we have left enough space to enjoy a large terrace. Obviously, if you need more rooms, or if you prefer to enjoy the entertainment behind closed doors; You could make certain modifications to this second floor.

On the first floor here, you can see better the distribution of the rest of the elements; including the second room.

Modern house with a garage

Modern house with a garage door in wood

This project is designed to trick outsiders. It is that it is a house whose extension is along and not across. With a garage door in a warm color; The fact of including water as the main element in the entrance has also been very well taken care of.

What we liked most about this house was that the use of the plant is that the first floor is clearly for social use. There are no rooms neither principals nor guests; something that maybe is just what you were looking for.

Look well as you have taken advantage of the space here do not forget to download this map if you liked the design.

modern two storied house with pool

Large modern two-storied house with pool

And we return to the use of large windows in the facade for maximum use of natural light. This house is definitely for you if you have a fairly comfortable budget. Although you do not have to copy the design, there is much that can be dispensed with and still preserve the essence of modernism.

House with a sloping ceiling

The architectural details should be visible to the naked eye if you stop to contemplate the facade of your house when it comes to modernism.T It is why we have included this magnificent option.

We love it and it is one of the houses that includes an office; so you can manage your work in a private and dedicated area if you opt for this design.

House with a sloping ceiling

And if two floors are not enough, here we leave one of three with a basement.
Modernism can go perfectly hand in hand with extravagance; especially when you have a large family and a business that is served from home.

If you are looking for an option that stands out at a distance and you can say “that’s my house” then you will love this three-story design with the basement included. As you can see, the architectural facade distances us from a building appearance. It is still seen as a house, but it is the interior that counts most.

Download and print the plan for each of the plants to study them carefully as many times as necessary. We advise you to do this with the architect on duty and the engineer. But do not forget, use this as inspiration and not to copy the design; unless it’s just what you wanted.

A sheet metal roof is a great option when you want to keep things simple in a two-story house. You can always leave the alternative open to add a deck or even extend it to an attic.

This modern and modest house is an example of what you can achieve with a fairly comfortable budget. We hope you like it and, if any of these ideas have clicked, let us know in the comments!

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