Grass care in the spring: 5 tips

Grass care in the spring

A beautiful, healthy lawn: the dream of any owner of green spaces. It is especially in the spring that maintenance measures are needed to make this dream come true.

The cold winter months and sometimes heavy snow can place heavy stress on the lawn. Resulting in brown spots, bare areas, and sparse growth. In spring, the lawn then needs intensive care if we want to be happy to find a uniform lawn and a splendid green. We will explain when to start maintenance work and tell you what to do to make your efforts successful.

The right time: at the end of March, when the sun’s rays warm the earth and the grass begins to grow, the time has come to start the spring cure. The soil should be dry but not dry for too long.

Mowing and cleaning the lawn: maintenance begins with a first mowing, taking care not to cut too short (approx. 4 cm). Then carefully pass the lawn through the rake and remove the winter twigs, leaves, and dirt.

Scarifying the lawn: if the lawn is overgrown with mosses and lichens, the soil surface should be scarified. The operation consists of using a manual or motorized scarifier to break the crust of the soil to a depth of one to two millimeters to extract the vegetable felt. The felt is then removed by passing the rake transversely in the direction of scarification.

Grass care in the spring

Fertilize the lawn: supplement the care given to your lawn with fertilizer. For spring and before the summer months, it is advisable to use a fertilizer rich in nitrogen, which acts on the duration whereas, in autumn, it is a fertilizer for roots rich in potassium which is indicated. Spread the fertilizer evenly over the entire surface of the lawn.

Replenish the lawn: at the end of winter and after weeding, it happens that the lawn is stripped in places. It is enough to replenish these places with grass seed after having previously hoeed the ground. Finally, pass the lawn roller or compact with the feet, and keep the soil moist. Do not cut the regrown areas at the next mowing and wait until this grass reaches 8 cm before cutting it to 4 cm.

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