Making the home heat efficient

The heating of our homes is a major concern for all of us. With the coming autumn and winter months thoughts soon turn to that day when the central heating is activated. With energy costs running as high as they are on this date, traditionally the 1st of October has been getting later and later or, in some cases, not at all. The reasons for this are twofold. One is the expense of using the system and the other is that due to climate change, our winters have become milder, so much so it seems that Summer moves into an early spring state as opposed to four seasons.

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However, we are still susceptible to cold snaps in the UK and when they happen retaining the hard-won heat is very important. There are several systems on hand to try and protect the heat in the home and make the property more efficient. Downlight Covers, like those from are one of the unsung heroes of the heat efficiency world. Downlights are a popular modern addition to the home but they do require a large hole being drilled in the ceiling. As a result, droughts can create cold air.

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Downlight covers will obstruct any draughts meaning that the heat stays in the home. This, combined with more traditional heat saving examples such as double glazing and cavity wall insulation, means that an energy efficient home is a real reality.

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