The fascinating history of the town of Portishead and why families are choosing to purchase homes there and have them fitted with Solar Panels.

The small but thriving town of Portishead located near the Severn Estuary has a long and fascinating history.  Originally a fishing port and then a Royal Manor, the town has evolved from its Industrial Roots of housing a Power Station and Chemical Works to being redeveloped into having a lovely Marina and affordable housing for many local families wanting to live in the area. Portishead is also home to the Avon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service as well as the Constabulary Headquarters.  Portishead has its own lifeboat station located close to the Marina that serves the waterways of Bristol as well as the Severn Estuary.  Investing in their homes by working with a local, trusted, reputable and experienced company such as Redbridge and Sons who specialise in Solar Panel Installation Portishead the local population are doing their bit to help the environment.

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The town name of Portishead literally means “The Port at the Head of the River” and its recorded history dates back to the Romans. There have however been several interesting archaeological findings of Prehistoric and Iron Age settlements.  The local inhabitants want to ensure their future in this lovely town and are doing all they can to promote sustainable energy sources.

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Decreasing their electricity bills by investing in Solar Panels fitted by highly trained, local professionals, the residents are actively increasing the value of their homes as well as helping the environment.

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