10 steps to order your house in a day

You do not need an apartment with more square meters, but organize your belongings and get rid of what is in your way. We tell you how

Did you know that when we are in an orderly environment we give more? We even sleep better. Clutter slows down our daily tasks (the fact that you write the shopping list is complicated if you do not find the pen) and generates necessary stress (see a table with a plethora of objects is not the best panorama to relax after a Workday). putting your house in order is essential.

1. Where do I start?

Avoid the vertigo of facing the whole house dividing it mentally in parts. First the kitchen drawers, then the bathroom, the children’s room, the pantry. If you concentrate on an area, you have already taken the first step. Then you will take a run and continue for the rest of the house.

2. Clear the hall

It is the first room we see when we open the door, where we leave those essential objects to go out to the street (the keys, the coat, the bag) and that is usually small chaos. Did you arrive late at the office because you could not find the car keys? Put a small piece of furniture or shelf to leave the keys and correspondence. If you already have it, organize all that: throw away the keys that you do not know what they are, classify the cards, get rid of the post it of three months ago, put a container for the coins and avoid that dozens of the five cents accumulate They do not have much use. If you have a wardrobe, leave only the coats for daily use. Those of weddings, baptisms, and communions, to the bedroom. Those of skiing, too. Do you have a coat rack? Leave only one coat for each member of the family. If you are many, put another coat rack. putting your house in order is essential.

3. Documents, by hand

Close your eyes and think: would you find first the gas receipts, the health insurance, the proof of payment of municipal taxes and the invitation of the birthday of your daughter’s best friend? The authors suggest a ‘Control Center’: a drawer or a part of a room where you store all that. Gather all the documents, classify and strip the receipts of taxes paid 10 years ago. Now group the ones you want to keep and put them an identification sign: ‘house’, ‘cole’, ‘doctors’. It sounds long, but it runs in a pispás. By the way, since we are in 2017, ask that you send all the possible bills online. You will avoid tons of paper. Your house will thank you. And the Amazon, too.

4. Kitchen ready

Who does not envy the TV kitchens, so wide, gleaming and with everything necessary at hand? Well, the first thing is that they are sets. The second thing, the chefs are extremely organized. We can learn a lot from them. From the outset, the countertop is a workspace, not a store for mail, keys or books. Clean it and keep it that way always. Now it’s time to get into the kitchenware: glasses and dishes near the sink, pots, and pans, near the stove. There are removable shelves, adjustable, sliding and dividers of drawers and shelves. Play with them to adapt the space to the size of the pots. In passing, examine it. Do you have 8 glasses and you are only two? Is the crockery a catalog of the Ikea dishes of the last 10 years, because you have been buying as they broke? Do you have appliances that you do not use? Make a batch of what you do not use and give it to an NGO. Or take it to the clean point. You will gain space. And with more space, it is easier to maintain order.

5. The Fridge

Who does not love magnets? The problem is when you accumulate seventy in the door of the refrigerator. Yes, they are memories of travel and it is sad to throw them away. The solution: line the interior door of a wardrobe with a metal plate and stick it there. Leave in the fridge the essentials for the shopping list. And remove the three hundred post it with warning notes. There are already mobile applications for that. Once again, thanks to the Amazon for helping not to deforest it. putting your house in order is essential.

6. Disposable cosmetics strip

Let the hand raise the one that does not accumulate moisturizers that it does not use because they are oily, smell bad or take out grains. If so, throw them away. You will not use it and you know it. The same with that horrible perfume that your sister-in-law gave you, the fuchsia lipstick that you bought because that magazine said that it was the most in London or that anti-cellulite that you have never used. Check the expiration dates. If you do not put it, keep in mind that cosmetics usually expire between 12 and 18 months after opening.

Take the opportunity to clean the closet. You will be surprised by the forks, files, and odds and ends you will find. You may even recover the hair removal forceps that you lost two years ago. Repeat the operation with the bathtub. Leave only the products of daily use and keep in a nearby place, but separate, the hair mask, the exfoliant. Finally, put your hand in the medicine cabinet. And the towels. Do you accumulate a lot, some quite worn and of uncertain color? Put them in a bag and the tissue container. Did you know that these fibers can be used to create new fabrics or to lining the seats of cars?

7. Your closet is your altar

Nothing about it that has not already said the guru of order Marie Kondo. Get rid of the clothes that you do not wear, the ones that have gone out of style (yes, everything comes back but not always the same) and the one that does not work for you (if those pants squeeze you but you have been two years with the same size, throw it without pain heart). Once there are only the ones that you think you are going to wear, order them by colors and sizes. Separate the winter and summer ones and put the ones that you are not going to use in a few months in a vacuum storage bag (the kind you use to vacuum the air). Get with separators of drawers, hangers or shelves for shoes. Do you do a lot of sport? Get on the list of things to do ‘wash the shoes’. They will occupy the same, but the wardrobe will not smell dead. On the way, hang lavender bags. An organized wardrobe with a clean smell is always inspiring. putting your house in order is essential.

8. What is under the bed?

As girls, we fear that there is a monster under the bed. As adults, we do everything possible so that a serial killer does not crouch under our bed accumulating all sorts of junk under the bed. Are you one of those who stores shoe boxes, suitcases, the abdominal bench or beach tackle under the bed frame? Never more! Remove all that, keep it in place and pull the abdominal bench if you still keep the price in pesetas (a sign that you have not used too much). Now clean thoroughly. Maybe it does not fit a killer, but for cockroaches, that’s a five-star hotel. Once cleared, do not refill it again. Better a monster than cockroaches.

9. The storage chair

We usually have a chair to undress with comfort. And then what? Are you the one who leaves the clothes of the day smashed in the chair? Do you pull the pajamas over that pile? Are you still like this until there are a lot of clothes worthy of MOMA? It’s time to pick it up: the reusable clothes, the closet. The dirty, to the washing machine. Remember: reusing implies bending or hanging, not creating a new tower of clothes inside the closet. If it is wrinkled, you will not put it on. You may even lose sight of her. Once the chaos of the chair has been eliminated, apply your order skills to the bedside table.

10. Where is the remote control of the TV?

It seems incredible that they do not have legs and the ease with which the controls disappear, right? It happens by not having space (a box, an organizer …) where to keep them all together. Leave there the TV, the decoder, the air conditioning … Did you huddle on the sofa last night with a blanket that today lies lying? Fold it and leave it on one of the arms of the sofa. Or enable a nice basket for the blankets (bent in the form of a cylinder). Are there loaders everywhere? Get used to putting them in a box. Leave her near a thief with several entrances. putting your house in order is essential.

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