How to clean gas stove burner heads easily

How to clean gas stove burner heads

As an AC carries a lot of maintenance (especially the part of the cabin) to be like a house and a car at a time, we have decided that the important things we do also we will publish them in case they help someone. we need to know how to clean gas stove burner heads.

How to clean gas stove burner heads

After the purchase, Aparicio gave it to us as it is (well, no TV, that’s where we played it, anyway I appreciate it since without tell we will have more time to talk, read and do other interesting things). The AC was dirty and I needed to do some little things. The first thing we did was take it to the mechanic and do a thorough review. Change of belts, oil, and filters, and at least the mechanical part was ready.

As for the passenger compartment, the most urgent solution was the malfunctioning of the kitchen fires. Being gas, they were clogged by their lack of cleanliness and use. Also one of them did not keep the flame, so I had to get down to work if we wanted to make food. To disassemble and clean them, this genius came from the partner of the Agustmaiz ACpasion forum (he has many bricks that can surely help you if you are a little handy and like the DIY philosophy, Did It Yourself or Do It Yourself). This is the look they once had disassembled.

How to clean gas stove burner heads

clean gas stove burner heads

I saw them black to remove them, especially to remove the screws that hold the burners, since they had never been cleaned, they were stuck together like limpets and I screwed some heads. Thanks to my father, who is a crack in this DIY (and in all, the truth be told), who told me how to remove the screws (drill to split the head and heat with a blowtorch to remove the screw asparagus once the burner removed, holy hand).

You can see the lack of cleanliness and the screw stud without the head. To remove it, heat and be careful not to split it.

In the photo, you can see the fire without a burner, something cleaner, and the headless screw that I could remove giving it heat with a blowtorch that my friend Jesus left (thank you, I do not know what I would do without you). The center is the clich√© of the gas outlet and it is seen that it is eaten of fat. It is removed with a pipe wrench, gets into grease for a day, and stays like jets of gold. The final result often and … we can cook at ease.

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