how to create simple kitchen designs

A kitchen is a place where we spend a lot of time every day.  So we have to make simple kitchen designs for our home. That is why it must be comfortable and beautiful at the same time. invites you to take a look at the fundamental design errors that damage both the appearance and functionality of the kitchen.

Simple kitchen designs

The kitchen is not an optional part of a house, so we have to take care of this. Here are some simple kitchen designs and suggestions. I hope it will be helpful and more

#1. We install furniture with large handles

The handles on the kitchen furniture can hinder to open them, especially if it is a corner cabinet. That is why sometimes it is necessary to replace them with the smallest handles or remove them completely. In this situation, the constructions that help to open the drawers can help. Another option would be to replace the handles with cavities.

#2. We chose facades that shine for the kitchen

In the facades that shine, there are always marks left even if your hands are clean. As a result, furniture doors have to be cleaned too often. And if you have a small child, you have to do it even more often. Of course, any matt surface also requires care, but the marks of the hands on it will not be as visible.

#3. We use shelves instead of sliding drawers

Furniture with doors can be quite practical. But sometimes it’s worth replacing them with sliding drawers since the latter is more efficient. To find what you’re looking for, just pull out the drawer and look at its contents from above. In contrast, in conventional furniture, you will have to remove all objects that obstruct the view to find what you need.

#4. We install the stove next to the refrigerator

Even in a small kitchen, it is necessary to separate the stove from the refrigerator with a piece of furniture. It is necessary because while you cook, the stove heats the walls of the refrigerator and does not allow it to cool well. If you did not think about this in advance, it is worth relocating the refrigerator or at least getting a small piece of furniture to put it between the stove and the refrigerator.

#5. We choose small furniture for a large kitchen

If the size of the kitchen allows you to hang furniture under the ceiling, why not take advantage of this opportunity? They will help you to use the kitchen space in a more rational way and better organize the storage of your utensils.

# 6 We choose a large table for a small kitchen

If you optimize the space in a small kitchen, it will no longer seem so small. Most of the time, it usually “steals” the table. To correct the situation, replace it with a folding table or simply with a small table. Also during the planning of the kitchen, you can think of a bar: it is comfortable both for cooking and for eating.

# 7 We use too many open shelves

Open shelves accumulate dust that you have to clean more often in case of closed shelves. Also, if you have a cat, there is a good chance that he will try to climb up and throw away all your jars. If you do not want to give up the shelves, reduce its amount and install additionally some hanging furniture with glass doors. The glass will protect all objects against cat attacks and, at the same time, create the illusion of open space.

# 8 We do not leave space for small electronic devices

Microwave, coffee maker or toaster: all this requires space. If you do not think about this at the time of planning your kitchen, then you will saturate your countertop. You can buy appliances but you will get more expensive. The second option would be to create special shelves for the electronic devices, open or closed, and dedicate them a special countertop. That way they will not be scattered throughout the kitchen. To make life easier, install the devices in such a way that they are easy to reach and you do not have to bend over to use them.

# 9. We do not think about the plugs in advance

It is important to think about the location of the plugs in the kitchen for large appliances in the planning stage. In this case, you can install the necessary amount in the right places. For small appliances, it is more convenient to use extensions that can be integrated into the cupboard or countertop. This type of plugs look more aesthetic and not only in the kitchen.

# 10. We fill the space under the dishwasher

Organize the space under the dishwasher with intelligence, especially if your kitchen is small. At the same time, it is important not to close access to the pipeline that may start to fail. Put under the dishwasher drawers or baskets that can be easily removed, do not install sliding drawers there that would take you more time to disassemble. They look nicer, but in an emergency situation, they can give you problems.

#11. We do not think about storage

The art of storing utensils helps save on a small kitchen and not saturate a large kitchen. Not only pans and pots should have their place, but also cutting boards, towels, trays, cups, etc. Storing the pans in the oven is not comfortable because, first of all, they always get lost in their depths. It is better to look in the store for the type of furniture that fits your kitchen and that suits your needs.

# 12. We choose wrong the height of the furniture

The height of the furniture consists of the base and the height of these and the width of the countertop. Take into account these details, considering your height, so that cooking is a pleasure.

# 13. We do not think about the work triangle

The kitchen triangle peaks form work areas that are most often used in the kitchen: stove, dishwasher, and refrigerator. Ideally, all areas should be located close to each other so you do not have to cross the kitchen with food in your hands. But at the same time, not too glued so there is enough room to move. Installing the dishwasher, the stove and the refrigerator, do not just think about aesthetics but about your comfort

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