Plants to decorate kitchens

Plants have always been considered an ideal ornamental element both to decorate the exterior of our home as well as the interior, in addition, their presence gives us more joy, life, and color.

But plants, in addition to being a beautiful living element for our decoration, also provide us with multiple benefits if we grow them in our home, such as the following: they absorb carbon dioxide and purify the air, their presence around us helps us to better manage stress, they can help fight depression and improve mood, reduce static electricity in the home and also provide us with multiple medicinal and culinary benefits.

If you do not have a garden or outdoor space, it is possible that you do not consider the option of growing your own plants, however, do not despair, as there are numerous plants that can develop perfectly in an indoor environment. In this article, we will highlight the best plants to decorate kitchens which will bring joy and color to one of the most important corners of the home.

Kitchen plants

The kitchen is one of the most important corners of our home, it is usually full of life and our presence since we cook in it and fulfill the important function of nourishing ourselves. In fact, it is often said that health begins in the kitchen and not with a lack of reason, since through the dishes that we prepare in our home we can keep our body in optimal condition.

If you want to improve the atmosphere of your kitchen and bring vitality and joy, do not hesitate to decorate it with plants, in addition, you have multiple options that adapt well to the kitchen: an interior space, but generally well-lit.

Aromatic plants for the kitchen

If you want to decorate your kitchen with plants, one of the best options is to opt for aromatic plants, since in addition to serving as ornamental plants, they offer us kitchen spices that we can use instantly, giving our dishes a fresh and natural flavor. Here we show you the best aromatic plants for your kitchen :


Rosemary grows spontaneously in Mediterranean areas and we can find it in the wild in the company of other aromatic plants such as thyme, along with the one that grows especially well. When rosemary blooms, it gives us pale blue flowers that will add a note of color to our kitchen. If we want to collect this plant to use it in its dry form, we must know that the collection must be done in spring and summer, at that time we can already dry the rosemary.


Few plants develop as easily as parsley, which is ideal for providing a green and lively tone in our kitchen. In addition, it is one of the most used culinary spices and there is nothing better than being able to use its fresh stems, just pulled from the ground. The development of this plant only requires a certain degree of humidity and warmth, we must place it in a partly sunny place in the kitchen.


Of all the aromatic plants, basil is the one with one of the most intoxicating aromas, it is usually grown in orchards, but having it in our kitchen will give this corner of the house an unmistakable fragrance, in addition, we will have an ideal herb to flavor to a multitude of dishes. For the basil to develop properly we must place it in a warm and preferably sunny place.


Rosemary is another aromatic plant widely used as a culinary spice, in addition, it has flowers that range from white to purple, going through multiple shades of pink, therefore, its aesthetics will help us decorate our kitchen with elegance. We can find it wild in the dry land, therefore it is ideal if we do not have much time to control irrigation.


Thyme is an aromatic plant that can develop perfectly in a pot, in addition, it requires very moderate watering and the soil should never be left waterlogged. For its proper growth, it is important to place it in a place of abundant lighting. When this plant blooms, its flowers are pale purple, therefore they add a soft note of color to our kitchen.

Ornamental plants for the kitchen

Another of the best plants to decorate kitchens are those whose appearance beautifies any space. Perhaps they cannot be used for cooking, but they will perfectly fulfill the function of decorating our kitchen with bright colors. Here we show you which are the best decorative plants for the kitchen.

The cheer of the house

Under this genuine name hides a species botanically known as Impatiens walleriana. It is a plant that blooms in spring and autumn, its flowers are round and pink and red. It does not need a completely sunny location and can develop in a semi-shaded environment, however, it does need frequent watering, and the soil should not dry out.


The poto is an ideal plant to decorate our kitchen with dark green tones, the main characteristic of this plant is to have very green, wide leaves that end in a point. The poto does not need too much watering and although it is true that it tolerates semi-shade, it prefers a well-lit environment.

Aloe vera

In addition to being a plant with multiple medicinal properties, this cactus is also ideal for decorating our kitchen and gives us green and soft tones. Aloe vera needs very little watering and it is ideal to have it in the kitchen since it does not require direct sunlight, however, it is important to place it in a well-lit place.

Planting aloe vera in our kitchen is synonymous with having an effective natural remedy since the pulp present within its stems has multiple applications for our health and well-being. As you may have seen, you have multiple options for kitchen plants, which will help you make this corner of the home a more lively, warm, and beautiful environment.

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