Reasons to stop ignoring your drains

Most of us spend very little time thinking about our drains. They are not the most pleasant of things to think about, after all. However, it’s time we considered our drains a little more as they do work very hard for us! Keeping your drain maintained and cleaned on a regular basis is more important than you might think. Here are some top reasons why we should all show our drains a little more love:

  1. Less problems to deal with

Nobody enjoys the hassle of sorting out a blocked drain but this is exactly what you’ll end up doing if you ignore your drains for years. A blocked or even partially blocked drain will slow down the flow of water, leading to slow drainage from showers, sinks and toilets. Just a tiny blockage can quickly build into a big troublesome one if not addressed. Pretending there is no problem or putting off dealing with slow drainage will only end up costing more in the long run. Better to deal with the issue as soon as it arises to prevent further damage and cost.

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  1. Smelly home

When blockages are ignored, they will soon start to haunt you with foul odours and whiffy areas around the property. Plugging in an air freshener or lighting a few scented candles isn’t going to cut it. This is the kind of smell that permeates everything and leaves your home smelling like a toilet! The benefit of regular drain cleaning means not only fast drainage but no nasty odours floating around ruining the ambience of your home.

  1. Germs

If you’ve got blockages that are causing stagnant dirty water to accumulate then you are putting your health at risk and the health of your family and pets. Bacteria will breed in drains, as well as some types of viruses. Nobody would want this for their home. If you suspect that something untoward is happening in your drain pipes, consider the benefits of CCTV drain inspections and Drain Lining. Find out more at a site like

  1. Save money

Leaving problems undealt with will simply prolong the issue. Things will only get worse with continued use and won’t rectify themselves. By not dealing with drainage issues when they first occur, you could face an even bigger and more expensive problem further down the road. A serious enough issue left for too long could even result in the need for an entire drain system replacement. That is not going to be cheap! A regular check and cleaning/maintenance schedule will ensure that your drains are good for many years to come.

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  1. Less worry

Pushing problems to one side normally results in a constant nagging fear that all is not right and you can never fully relax. Regular cleaning and maintenance will provide that additional peace of mind so you don’t have to worry about expensive problems arising in the future. You’ll feel more in control as a homeowner.

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