10 stunning castle hotels in Europe

Europe is a fascinating continent where there are countries full of charm and much to discover. In terms of accommodation and impressive places, the castle hotels are an attraction for many tourists who visit these lands. Meet them!

Most of us will never know what it is to live as if we were royalty since it is the privilege of a very small minority. Many of us dreamed as children of living in a castle and wearing royal attire. What would you say if we told you that you can make your dreams come true even for a short time?

1. Arteaga Castle, Spain

It was ordered to be built in the 19th century by none other than Napoleon III Bonaparte.

Highlights its restaurant and the celebrations and weddings that can be held in this place,

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2. Cardona Parador, Spain

This castle hotel is one of the best in Spain, and it is located in Barcelona .

Despite being a very old building, it has modern comforts,

For the most curious and brave, there is room 712

3. Castello di Pavone, Italy

It was converted into a hotel so that visitors can have the experience of staying in a castle

For this reason, the setting is old, with beautiful traditional furniture, but at the same time offers convenience and comfort to the guest. In addition, it has an informal bar, a business center, and an exclusive restaurant.

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4. Castel Monastero, Italy

It is a romantic-style hotel located in an old monastery from the 11th century, just 14 kilometers from San Gusme. The rooms are cozy and mix contemporary and classic elements.

Highlights the luxurious restaurant with the menus of the famous chef Gordon Ramsey.

5. Auf Schonburg, Germany

The Auf Schonburg is one of the most romantic castle hotels in all of Germany.

There you can get privileged views of one of the most famous rivers in Europe, the Rhine River.

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6. Swinton Park Hotel, United Kingdom

The Swinton Park is one of the castle hotels located in England.

This hotel is ideal to get away from the busy life and relax in a magnificent rural area,

It is harmoniously ornate and its antique furniture and oil paintings go perfectly with it. There is a prestigious restaurant with cooking courses, a spa with a sauna, gym, among other facilities.

7. Bovey Castle Hotel, United Kingdom

This beautiful castle hotel is located within the Dartmoor National Park,

Here you can also do various outdoor activities,

8. Ballynahinch Castle Hotel, Ireland

It is located in County Galway, surrounded by the Twelve Bens Mountains.

You can live the experience of sleeping in rooms on the shores of the lake,

9. Ballyseede Castle, Ireland

Ballyseede Castle, is a beautiful hotel in Ireland.

This elegant hotel is housed in a 16th-century castle. It has classic rooms, a library bar, a sophisticated restaurant, and lounges, among other spaces.

It is a popular choice for romantic getaways.

10. Ashford Castle, Ireland

It is located on the shores of Lake Corrib, surrounded by a magnificent natural environment

It was built in the 13th century, and today we can appreciate its restoration in keeping with its historical past. Both its interior and exterior are magnificent, worthy of royalty.

Currently, it is frequented by Irish and English celebrities and nobles.

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Sleep like a king or queen

As you may have seen, it is possible to sleep in a castle!

In the world, there are hundreds of castles in a lot of countries, so if you cannot travel to one of these that we have seen, maybe you will find one closer to your home that may interest you. Or have you already fallen in love with one of these and are making plans to sleep there?

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