Tips to know how to build a deck

We reveal the secret of a cheap terrace: build it yourself! In most cases, laying a wooden deck is within the reach of any handyman. You will need some specific tools for the assembly of the terrace that you can borrow easily from your entourage (friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc). In this article, we focus we show you how to build a deck. Depending on the type of installation of the wooden structure, plan a weekend to see a week of construction with a maximum of “arms” to help you.

How to build a deck

The deck is so important for the apartment. If you know how to build a deck, it will be helpful for you. It also makes your work easier. Let’s see.

Step 1: Draw the plan of the terrace

Drawing a terrace plan, working on your ideas on paper is an essential step before you embark on the actual construction of your terrace. This step allows you to clearly visualize your desires, to foresee the constraints and to have a first estimate of the budget and the time to devote.

Step 2. Request permissions to build your terrace

This step allows you to be in good standing with the authorities. Each building requires a prior declaration even for the wooden deck. It is the footprint that conditions the need to file a building permit or not. To have no doubt about the legality of your project, contact the town hall of your municipality.

Step 3. Choose the structure to build the terrace

The structure you are going to build depends on the existing floor and your final project. There are specific laying rules for each project.

terrace laying on a concrete slab

Installation of a wooden terrace on the existing floor (concrete slab, tiling, etc.)

laying terrace or garden shed on the lawn

A wooden deck on soft ground (lawn, sand, embankments, etc.)

terrace laying on the waterproof surface

Installation of a wooden terrace on a waterproof surface (roof terrace, terrace on the balcony)

Step 4. Choose deck boards made of natural wood or composite wood

choose wood species terrace there is a very wide range of wooden deck boards. They exist in natural wood or composite wood. Thousands of wood species that offer different characteristics: color, graying, knot, yarn, density, cut, etc … You will find your happiness to your budget! It is still important to choose the decking boards. Several criteria of choice are to be taken into account before launching!

Step 5. Choosing the attachment of the deck boards

The choice of fixing the deck board is quite simple. If you use composite wood, you will need to use the clips provided with your blades. For natural wood slats, there is either a visible fastener with stainless steel screws. The installation is longer due to the perfect alignment of the screws. This is a technique recommended by the DTU. On the current market of hardware, there is a multitude of screws terrace, it will be necessary to inform you to choose hardware adapted to your wood. There are otherwise invisible fixings that snap into either the groove of a wooden blade (same functioning as the composite) or from below the blade using screws. There are many constraints as well as interest for this kind of fastening systems. Take stock of the choice of fixing the wooden boards, they guarantee the solidity of your wooden boards.

Step 6. Choose integrated lighting for wooden deck

The integrated lighting in the wooden boards guarantee the safety of your displacements, give a pleasant atmosphere to your summer evenings. It is an indispensable element of finishing for your wooden terrace. No need to be an electrician to dare to handle this kind of lighting. Just think ahead when drawing your plan to plan the material. Generally, outdoor lighting systems are designed in plug & play and each spot or street lamp uses LED technology. So think about choosing your terrace and garden lighting!

Step 7. Check your budget

A wooden deck can encrypt very quickly! The average cost of a wooden terrace in m2 is about 80 euros. Your budget must be balanced between the material/structure item and the wooden boards. The mistake that many DIYers make is to save money on the materials of the structure (being invisible) and to invest in a high-quality wood for the blades. Serious mistake! The structure will be damaged more quickly than the wooden boards. As a result, you will have to restart the structure of your deck and you will not be able to reuse the boards because the structure will have damaged them. Ask for quotes, test several installation techniques, ask the advice of professionals, or if you wish: contact us, we will be happy to inform you!

Step 8. Order materials and tools

You can shop online. Choose the material according to your house.

Step 9. Plan a schedule to build your terrace

After receiving the materials, you can begin to organize for the assembly of the wooden deck. It is important to check that you do not miss anything and ask some friends, colleagues, neighbors, family for help: cutting blades and joists, leveling, screwing, pre-drilling, finishing, etc … Many simple but repetitive tasks, many are always fun.

Step 10. Getting started

We wish you good luck!

I think you can learn from this article how to build a deck. Thank You.

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