Buying Guide for Foosball Tables

Guide for Foosball Tables

As summer draws to an end, finding indoor entertainment that involves some physical exertion may seem like a daunting task. But the truth is that there are many table games that can help you and your loved ones break a sweat from time to time. One of those games is a foosball game.

A foosball game is a type of soccer played on a tabletop. In this game, the players turn the rods that are fixed on the top of a table and attached to players. The aim of turning the rods is to manipulate the ball and get it into the goal post.  Visit for some fun facts about this game.

There are many types and options of this table game in the market and you may need help choosing the best option for you and your loved ones. In this article, we will share tips that will help you make the best choice for you.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Foosball Table for you

Like we mentioned briefly, there is a proliferation of this game in the market these days and because of that, one may be confused about the choice to make. However, there are some factors that if you carefully consider, will enable you make the right choice. Find listed and explained below some of these factors:-

Dimensions of the Table

Before you pick any foosball table, ensure that you check out the dimensions as that will help you determine whether you have the space to accommodate it. Usually, these tables come in the following dimensions: – 56inches long, 36 inches high and 30 inches wide. This is the standard dimension.

However, there are options that are smaller than the standard size. But the given dimension is the standard recommendation especially if you would like to go into competitive foosball. It is also the standard dimension for people who are tall.

Therefore check out the space you have available for the table before deciding whether to go for the standard dimension or smaller options.

Choose your Desired Goalie Setup

There are different goalie setups for this game. The most common configuration in the United States is the 3-person goalie setup which makes for a fast paced and more energetic game. This is the recommended configuration for newbies.

The 1 person goalie setup is usually harder to control because the players need more skill to prevent the other players from scoring which in turn enables them to get more points. If you have newbies and children that you want to get familiar with the game, it is best to get the 3-person goalie configuration for them. You can also look out for products such as Watson’s foosball tables for kids as they are specially designed for children.

Check out the Safety Features

Safety Features of Foosball Tables

Foosball also known as table soccer is a fun and riveting game but it is also susceptible to causing injuries. This can however be avoided by ensuring that the safety features are intact. The most common issue is balls that fly too frequently. Another issue is players getting their fingers caught between the rods and scratched because they forgot to add the covers to the ends.

One way of finding out how safe the product you are considering is, is by reading reviews by verified buyers. Find out what people who have used the product have to say about the safety features.

Check the Surface of the Table and the Legs

The two most important features of table soccer are the surface and the legs of the table. These features should be solidly built and of top quality. The table should have the right levelling and thickness to provide the right stability. The surface on the other hand should be smooth and level with laminate designs that enhance speed and ball control.

Check out the Quality of the Rods

Ensure that the rods are made with top quality materials that can withstand the pressure of being pushed, slammed, pulled and moved at a fast pace in the course of  the game. The recommended material to look out for is steel but if you are buying it for your kids, ensure that the rods are hollowed out.


Look out for tables that are made to last and these are usually those made with metals and solid wood.  Bear in mind that durable tables are made from top quality materials which will invariably be more expensive than cheaply made one.

You can read this article for more information on different types of foosball tables that you can find out there.


Playing indoor family games is a great way of fostering family bond and creating memories and one of those games is foosball.  We have shared some tips to help you choose the best one for you and your loved ones. Bear these tips in mind as you go shopping for one so that you can make an informed choice and get value for your money.

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