Deciding between a new build and an older property

It’s crucial that you do your homework if you’re looking for a new home but can’t decide what kind of property to go for. Would you like to select an older property that can be modernised, or would you rather start fresh with a new home? Both of these choices have their own benefits and drawbacks, once you have made a decision you can then ask a  Estate Agent Stroud way to show you properties like the ones you want or if you are still unsure, ask them to show you a range of property types and ages to help you narrow down your preferences.

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The advantage of new construction homes is that they give you a blank canvas. You can move in straight away and almost instantly make the house your own. Many will also come with a guarantee should there be any unforeseen maintenance costs.

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Nevertheless, new builds take time for the property to settle, which means that when it dries you will most likely be left with a few cracks in the plaster. In addition to the smallest square footage of newly constructed homes in Europe, you can also expect to see lower ceilings and thinner walls if you are looking at buying a new house.

A period property may have the character you’ve been looking for, but it may also be a property that needs additional work. When looking at older properties, it is crucial that you look extensively at what work may need to be carried out. Pricing up any jobs that need to be completed, not forgetting to include supplies and labour, and then adding a little extra to guarantee it will be covered by your budget. Before you set your heart on this kind of house, make sure you know what you’re letting yourself in for, as you might be faced with extra costs that you weren’t expecting.

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