Five considerations when renting a van

Renting a van in the UK is simple. Here’s how to ensure a smooth and successful experience.

Check your driving licence

Check to ensure that you and any additional drivers meet the minimum age and licence requirements set by the rental company. You may find that you have to be at least 21 years old and have held a valid driver’s licence for a specified period.

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Think about what type of van you need

Determine the size and type of van that suits your personal requirements. Vans come in various sizes and may have different features. Consider the number of items you need to transport and the seating.

Compare prices and read the terms and conditions

Different rental companies offer varying rates. You can look at different providers, taking into account any additional fees, insurance costs, and mileage allowances. Read the rental agreement thoroughly and pay attention to the fuel policies and penalties for late returns.

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Inspect the van thoroughly before driving off

Before accepting the vehicle, conduct a thorough inspection of its exterior and interior. Note any existing damage and make sure that it is documented by the rental company. That way you will avoid being held responsible for pre-existing damage.

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Vans are used for many purposes. Car Magazine has some interesting staycation vehicles that you can use to sightsee.

Book well in advance to secure the perfect van

Remember to book your van well in advance, especially if you require it during peak season. By taking into account these factors, you can make an informed decision and have an enjoyable experience when renting a van in the UK.

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