The Popularity of Pop Up Screen Rooms Is On the Rise

Pop Up screen tent

Outdoor living spaces have become increasingly popular in recent years. Homeowners are looking for ways to extend their living space to the outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. One trend that has been gaining traction is the pop up screen room. These portable outdoor rooms provide an affordable and versatile way to create an outdoor living area.

What is a Pop Up Screen Room?

A pop up screen room is a type of temporary outdoor structure. It consists of a foldable aluminum frame that is covered in mesh screen material. The screen rooms pop open and fold down quickly and easily. When set up, they create a bug-free outdoor room.

Pop up screen rooms come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Some have solid fabric roofs, while others have mesh roofs. Most models have mesh screen walls to allow breezes to flow through while keeping insects out. The frames are typically made of rust-resistant, powder-coated aluminum.

These outdoor structures are portable and compact. When not in use, they fold down into a compact, wheeled carry case. This allows them to be set up anywhere and moved around easily. Most pop up screen rooms can be set up by one person in just a few minutes.

Benefits of Pop Up Screen Rooms

Benefits of Pop Up Screen Rooms

There are many reasons pop up screen rooms have become a popular outdoor living trend. Here are some of the benefits they offer:

Protection from Bugs and Mosquitos

One of the biggest perks of a screen room is keeping biting insects at bay. The mesh screens create a protective barrier between you and bugs. This allows you to enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by mosquitos, flies, and other pests. You can relax, dine, or entertain outdoors in peace.

Portable Outdoor Living Space

Pop up screen rooms provide extra outdoor living space wherever and whenever you need it. Their portability and ease of setup make them ideal for creating a temporary outdoor room. Use them to extend your patio, deck, or yard space. Bring them camping or to the beach. Wherever you go, you can set up an instant outdoor room.

Weather Protection

The screens help protect you from more than just bugs. They also provide shade and shelter from rain showers, wind gusts, and the hot sun. Pop up screen rooms allow you to enjoy the outdoors more comfortably on hot, rainy, or windy days.

Flexible Placement

One of the best things about pop up screen rooms is their flexibility. Set them up anywhere that’s relatively flat and level. Use them on decks, patios, yards, driveways, beaches, campsites, fields, and more. Reconfigure them anytime to change your outdoor space.

Affordable Outdoor Room

Compared to permanent outdoor structures like gazebos and pergolas, pop up screen rooms are very budget-friendly. You can get a quality screen room for a fraction of the cost of built-in outdoor rooms. Choose from small screen houses for two people up to large event tents.

Easy to Use and Store

Pop up screen rooms live up to their name. They take only minutes to set up and take down. When not in use, they fold into compact carry cases on wheels for easy storage and portability. No construction or building is required – just pop them open!

Popular Uses for Pop Up Screen Rooms

The versatile nature of pop up screen rooms makes them useful in many outdoor situations:

Backyard Gatherings

One of the most popular uses for pop up screen rooms is creating an outdoor living space in your backyard. Use them to host gatherings, parties, BBQs, and kid play areas while keeping bugs away.


Take a screen room camping to provide a comfortable, bug-free place to relax, dine, and socialize. They offer protection from wind, rain, and creatures of the night.

Sporting Events

Pop up a screen room beside the field or court to provide shelter from the sun and a gathering spot. Use them at tournaments, practices, and competitions.

Beach Trips

Enjoy the beach longer without bugs driving you away. Screen rooms provide shade and allow breezes to flow through.

Gardens & Patios

Create an instant enclosed space to lounge on your patio or enjoy your garden outdoors with privacy.

Events & Receptions

For outdoor weddings, graduations, reunions, and receptions, pop up event-sized screen rooms. Keep guests comfortable and the party going.

Driveways & Yards

Hold casual gatherings like cookouts and kid birthday parties in your driveway or yard with a pop up screen room.

Types of Pop Up Screen Rooms

Types of Pop Up Screen Rooms


Pop up screen rooms come in many shapes and sizes. Here are some of the most common types:


These screen rooms have a gazebo-like shape with a peaked roof. They provide ample headroom and vertical wall space similar to a permanent gazebo.


Canopy screen rooms have a gently sloped roof. The roof comes nearly to the ground leaving more open space underneath.


Cube or box-shaped screen rooms maximize interior floor space. Their straight walls and roof provide vertical headroom.


Geodesic dome screen rooms have an intriguing spherical shape created by hexagonal panels. The dome roof provides interior height.


Cabana structures have a gently sloped roof with fabric curtains you can roll down. Keep it open for breezes or enclosed for more privacy.


These screen houses have a simple tent design – steeply sloped roof and nearly vertical walls. Easy to set up and durable.

Multi-Room Styles

Some pop up screen rooms have multiple connected rooms. These allow you to create separate living, dining, and lounging zones.

Features to Look for When Buying

There are a few key features to consider when shopping for a pop up screen room:

  • Frame – Look for rustproof, powder-coated aluminum frames with steel joints for durability and strength. Avoid cheaper steel frames that can bend or rust.
  • Fabric – Mesh walls should be made of durable, tightly woven mesh that blocks tiny insects. The roof can be mesh or ripstop polyester.
  • Doors – Zippered doors with overlapping flaps keep bugs out when shut. Look for big doors that make entry easy.
  • Portability – Wheeled carry bag makes set up and take down simple. Look for a compact storage size.
  • Wind Resistance – Sturdy steel stakes, frame, and tie downs allow it to withstand winds. Canopy-style rooms offer better wind resistance.
  • UV Protection – Mesh and fabric with UV coating provide sun protection. Important if used for shade.
  • Waterproofing – A water-repellent roof keeps light rain showers out. Not designed for heavy rains.
  • Assembly – Easy pop-up assembly in 5-10 minutes. Too complex is frustrating.
  • Size – Consider the number of people and what you’ll use it for. Larger is better for events.
  • Height – Look for at least 6.5-7 foot center height for a comfortable standing room.
  • Windows – Zippered windows on multiple sides allow airflow from any direction.
  • Quality – Choosing a reputable brand means better construction, durability, and longevity.

Setting Up Your Pop Up Screen Room

One of the best features of pop up screen rooms is how fast and easy they are to set up:

  1. Find a flat, level location with clearance on all sides. Grass or dirt works – avoid concrete.
  2. Unzip the carry bag and remove the frame, roof, walls, and floor (if included).
  3. Unfold and pop open the collapsible frame. Extend to full size.
  4. Add roof panel by draping over top and attaching to frame.
  5. Attach mesh wall panels by sliding over frame poles and using integrated clips.
  6. Insert and secure any poles, rods, or cords that come separately.
  7. Fasten to the ground with steel stakes if needed for added stability.
  8. Set floor in place (if applicable).
  9. Close doors and windows if not in use.
  10. Reverse steps to take down. Fold up and store in the carry bag.

Setting up your screen room properly ensures safety and makes take-down easier. Follow any specific setup directions that came with your pop-up model.

Maintenance Tips

With proper care and maintenance, a quality pop-up screen room will last for years.

Here are some useful care tips:

  • Inspect the mesh fabric regularly for tears and have them repaired promptly.
  • Check that all frame joins are fitting snugly together. Tighten hardware if needed.
  • Keep door zippers lubricated with wax to avoid sticking and breaking.
  • Brush off dirt and debris before folding and storing to avoid abrasion damage.
  • Allow to fully dry before packing away if used in rain or sprinklers.
  • Keep frame free of rust by lightly coating with spray lubricant if exposed to moisture.
  • Avoid setting up on concrete or overly windy days to prevent frame damage.
  • Use a mild detergent and soft brush when cleaning the fabric. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Check for signs of UV damage and replace fabric panels that are deteriorating.
  • Store in a clean, dry place out of direct sunlight when not in use.
  • Transport carefully so frames don’t bend – avoid tossing the carry bag around.
  • Make sure to stake down the shelter securely, especially if leaving it unattended.
  • Bring the shelter inside if very high winds, hailstorms, or severe weather is expected.
  • Cover with a tarp if leaving set up for an extended time to protect from UV damage.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper take-down and folding techniques.

With regular care and maintenance, pop up screen rooms will deliver years of reliable service. Be diligent about repairs, cleaning, and storage to maximize their lifespan.

Stylish Decor Ideas

One of the fun things about owning a pop up screen room is decorating it!

Here are some stylish ideas for decorating your outdoor oasis:

Cozy Lounge – Add outdoor rugs, pillows, and padded furniture to create a comfy lounge space. Use solar-powered string lights for ambiance at night.

Backyard Café – Set up bistro tables and chairs to use as a cute outdoor café. Add a drink cooler and menu chalkboard.

Boho Escape – Adorn with tapestries, lanterns, and lush potted plants for a free-spirited boho vibe. Add a mat and comfy floor cushions.

Tropical Oasis – Surround with palm plants, citronella candles in terracotta pots, and rattan or bamboo furniture for a tropical feel.

Garden Sanctuary – Accent with flower boxes, trellises, garden art, and a bench for an outdoor garden room.

Entertainment Space – Bring in a TV, speakers, and an outdoor sofa to create your backyard entertainment zone.

Kids Playhouse – Decorate with bright colors and toys to transform it into a kids’ play and sleepover space. Use kid-size furniture.

Porch Extension – Mimic your front porch with rocking chairs, a table, and patriotic bunting. Instant outdoor family room.

Poolside Cabana – Create a poolside oasis with pool towels, inflatables, and a mini fridge stocked with beverages. Add festive balloons.

The decor options are endless! Personalize your screen house to match your style. Have fun designing your ideal backyard retreat.

The Popularity Will Continue Rising

The Popularity Will Continue Rising

As people seek to enhance their time spent outdoors and maximize their living space, the demand for pop up screen rooms keeps climbing. Their versatile functionality, ease of use, and affordability make these portable shelters an appealing way to add an outdoor room anywhere. With innovative and stylish design options, they are now popular backyard additions that go beyond basic bug protection. Their surge in popularity is poised to continue rising in the coming years as more people discover the joys of outdoor living.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are screen rooms made of?

The frames are typically aluminum or steel, while walls and roof are made of woven mesh screen, polyester, or vinyl materials.

How long do they take to set up?

It usually only takes 5-10 minutes for one person to fully set up a pop-up screen room.

Are screen rooms waterproof?

Most screen rooms are water-resistant to light rain showers but are not designed for heavy downpours or storms.

How are screen rooms anchored?

Guy lines, strong stakes, and tie-downs are used to secure the structure. Weights can also be used on concrete or indoors.

Can you leave them up permanently?

They are designed for temporary, occasional use. Permanently leaving them up risks damage from weather and winds.

Do the screens keep bugs out?

Yes, quality mesh screening is designed to keep even tiny insects from entering while allowing airflow.

What size is best for two people?

For two people, a small 8×8, 10×10, or 12×12 screen room is ideal for cozy comfort.

Can screen houses be used in winter?

With some cold weather additions like thick padded mats and portable heaters, they can be used nearly year-round.

How do you clean the mesh?

Use a mild soap and soft brush, then rinse thoroughly. Avoid harsh chemicals that could damage the material.

What is the best way to store them?

Fold down properly, clean off debris, allow to dry fully, and store in a carry case in a clean, dry place.

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