Things to Look for When Viewing a Property

Looking for a new house is an exciting time, but the search can also be a stressful one with so much to think about. Buying a new house is a huge decision that will affect you for years to come so when you are viewing a property there are lots of things that you will want to check before you take the plunge and make an offer.

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Many people have bought a property and overlooked something, which has caused them to regret it further down the line. Here are a few things to think about when viewing a property that will help to prevent you from having the same thing happen to you…

Is there anything which needs to be repaired? Of course, when you go to look around a property, the majority of the time it will be presented in its best possible light. But you need to look out for things that may be in need of repair. Check things like electrics to make sure that they are working as they should be. You can also check the heating – nobody wants to move into a house and then have to get someone out like this Cheltenham boiler repair company to fix a faulty boiler in the first week! Check the radiators in each room and run the hot and cold taps to check that all is working as it should be.

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Is the Location Suitable? As well as the actual property itself, it is important to look at the location. Think about the things that you need from the home and how the new house can accommodate you. Of course, it is unlikely that everything will be perfect, but things like commute times to work as well as proximity to schools are two big things to consider. You may also want to look at the local amenities, as well as the public transport services available in the area. You could even have a chat with some of the neighbours and people in the area to help you to get a good idea of what the area is like to live in.

What is the Garden Like?  The garden is something else to look at. If you are a keen gardener the direction the garden faces may be something to look at, but you should also look at other things. Look for invasive plants like Japanese Knotweed or Bamboo which can be expensive and time consuming to get rid of. Also have a look to check if fences and structures are in good repair or if they need some work doing to them. Make sure that the garden is safe for kids or pets if you have them – if not, can you make it safe? You may be able to look at neighbours’ gardens to get some ideas and inspiration.

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