Why double glazing is worth every penny

Double glazing has definite advantages over other glass types and will improve your home’s comfort. Not all double glazing, however, is the same and not all windows are the same, so the argument for double glazing should be uniquely assessed for every home and the best way to do this is to contact a Double Glazing Cheltenham company such as Firmfix to come and give you their opinion as well as an estimate for the works.

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Double glazing in your home is a major investment and will certainly improve your comfort as well as the efficiency of your home. It is a long-term solution that keeps the heat in the winter, but also helps to keep your home cooler in the summer.

When the temperature starts to decrease in the colder Autumn and Winter months, double glazing helps to retain the heat inside your house. In terms of energy bill savings, installing double glazing would not pay for itself immediately, but the accumulated savings could be substantial if you live in your home for a number of years. Of course, double glazing often increases the value of your house, but with the increased selling price, much of the cost of installation can be recovered if you wish to sell.

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Draught proofing is another excellent way to save money on bills and improve your home’s warmth and comfort. Draughts can occur in a number of areas but most often these are around windows and doors and they can occur when the seals are no longer intact and this is often when people will start to think about replacing their windows.

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