Tips for how to decor your bathroom

The bathroom is the room in which we like to take refuge to relax and take care of ourselves. However, yours does not inspire and you do not know where to begin to improve its state? That’s good since we’ve put together a little practical guide with 10 tips to follow in order to avoid any faux-pas in bathroom decoration! Our simple and practical, these tips will guide you to know how to decor your bathroom especially.

How to decor your bathroom

A perfect house can be made by its every single part. So you have to know how to maintain all the part of it. Today we are a focus on how to decor your bathroom. You will happy to read this article.

1. Favor the light colors

Since the majority of bathrooms are rather narrow spaces where functionality is the # 1 priority, betting on clear walls is a great idea. Remember that light colors “enlarge” space, while dark colors reduce the room. So, try to stay in a bright palette, which will make your room appear larger and airier than it really is. A little tip for girls: try to stay in neutral colors (white, cream, beige, pale gray), because the colors of the walls can be reflected on your face and thus influence the way you wear makeup. So beware of colors too dapper!

2. Pay special attention to lighting

A good lighting is essential in a bathroom. Natural lighting is without a doubt the best source of lighting you can have, but if your bathroom does not have windows, you can get away with some strategically placed light sources. A ceiling lamp and a wall lamp above the vanity will do the trick!

3. Maximize storage

Since the various products accumulate very quickly in the bathroom, spacious storage units will simplify your life. Maximize the space under your sink, add a few shelves above the toilet or get a small storage unit on legs. More your bathroom will be organized, more clear you will see!

4. Optimum drying space

Wipe with a damp towel, nobody likes it. To avoid this, be sure to have a space reserved for drying towels and linens. The scales are currently very popular in decoration and all are reported to act as a towel in a bathroom. A little trick: place it on top of a heater so that warm towels are waiting for you at the exit of the shower!

5. Hide “less aesthetic” products

So that your bathroom keeps its “zen” look and purified, try to conceal as much as possible visually less attractive products. For example, get a nice soap pump instead of using the originally printed bottle, put your tissues in a pretty decorative box, or hide your rolls of toilet paper in a nice wicker basket.

6. Squeeze the space to the maximum

Did you know that a congested space could increase your stress level? On the contrary, a clean and uncluttered bathroom will allow you to really relax. Take inventory of what’s in your bathroom and try to eliminate what you do not use. No need to throw everything away, but there are probably some items that do not necessarily need to be in plain sight!

7. Sort your products often

Your shower or the edge of your bath is full of semi-finished products and you have trouble seeing it clearly? Clean up and keep only a small selection of products that you actually use on a daily basis. The rest will find its place in a small storage cabinet and your shower will be much more inviting! When should we really throw the products into our pharmacy?

8. Replace your towels

Your towels are stained and quietly begin to fray? Maybe it’s time to put everything back! Get a set of bath towels, hand towels and decorative napkins of the same color so that everything stays consistent. You could also go for two colors, adding white towels. By making this small change, your bathroom will instantly look refreshed!

9. Revamp the hardware store

Hardware is an often neglected decorative element. Yet, it can make all the difference in decor! You could go for an out of the ordinary finish such as brushed gold or matte black ( very trendy this year !). This way, your bathroom will look sophisticated at first glance!

10. Keep your bathroom clean and tidy

Even if your decor is immaculate, your bathroom will always look more peaceful if it’s clean. A small round of housekeeping and pick up every day can really make all the difference, in addition to costing you nothing!

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