Tips for how to lower ph in pool

All the pools need maintenance to be in the best possible conditions for the bath. It has nothing to do with the size of the pool, nor the construction model. It does not matter if it is buried, be it concrete pools or let’s talk about removable pools. So you need to know how to lower ph in pool. What matters most are the water conditions in which we are going to bathe; It is necessary to keep it as clean as possible and avoid cloudy waters or too low or high pH.

How to lower ph in pool

In this post, we will focus on how to lower the pH in pool to solve this problem. We know that there are many people who encounter this and suffer the consequences. Let’s first explain what the pH is for those who do not know and then we will give some solutions to maintain the right balance.

What is pH?

Technically, we can define pH as the coefficient that measures the degree of water acidity . We can talk about a neutral pH (between 7.2 and 7.6), an acid pH (less than 7.2) and an alkaline pH (higher than 7.6). It is advisable to keep the pool water at a neutral pH. The pH usually tends to increase, so it is necessary to carry out a daily control through the appropriate tools. The way to measure the pH of the pool is through a test kit or meter for swimming pools, a fundamental tool in your pool cleaning kit. In the case of removable pool kits, they do not usually contain chemicals.

What consequences can a pH too high?

Scales or scale are formed in the water. Just have an eye for you to realize that it is not clean water. Turbid waters are created or in poor condition. They smell bad and can be infected with microbes. Bathing in turbid waters is not suitable for health. They usually generate itching in the eyes, throat, and nose of people who bathe in it. Even if you are using a disinfectant, such as chlorine, it does not achieve full effectiveness due to the high pH.

How to lower the pH of the pool? Liquid pH mincer

To lower the pH of a pool, it is necessary to resort to a pH-reducing chemical product. There are several compounds to regulate the alkalinity of water, when it is higher than 7.6, although some have side effects. We will follow the following steps. Use a test kit, taking a sample of water in the tube. Then add the amount of the indicated product to reduce its pH to less than 7.6. Then, with the empty pool of people, we will do the same with the amount indicated by the instructions of the product. The filtering system should take a few hours on when we apply the product. The usual amount is usually 2 cl for each cubic meter of pool water, for every tenth we want to lower the pH. However, this is only an approximate measure. You have to distribute the product throughout the area of ​​the pool until it is diluted with water. We can use a dosing pump to spread it failing.

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