The best door knockers to consider

Choosing the best door knocker depends on your personal choice, the architectural style of your home, and how much you are willing to spend.
A ring door knocker is classic and elegant

A timeless and traditional choice, the ring door knocker features a circular ring that you lift and let fall against a plate. This design is simple and suits various styles of homes. It is a solid choice for the homeowner.

A contemporary door knocker will bring your home up-to-date

If your home enjoys a modern design, consider a sleek and minimalist door knocker. Contemporary knockers often feature clean lines, geometric shapes and a polished finish. They can create plenty of kerb appeal. The London Evening Standard has some quirky options that may suit your home.

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A lion’s head knocker is a regal choice

For a touch of sophistication, consider adding a lion’s head door knocker. This decorative choice is majestic and sophisticated. Lion’s head knockers are often associated with grand or historic homes.

You may want to revamp your home completely. If you want to re-style the property with new windows Cirencester, a specialist provider such as will have a range that will appeal to you.

Go timeless with brass

Brass door knockers are classic and durable, and they offer a warm and timeless appearance. Antique finishes can give your knocker a vintage charm that complements various home styles, whether you live in a Victorian house or a modern property.

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The nautical theme never fails to disappoint

For a boating, coastal or nautical theme, choose a knocker shaped like an anchor or a ship. There are plenty of maritime symbols to choose from.

You can also customise your door knocker with your initials, family name, or a design that reflects your personality.

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