How do you know when your TV aerial needs replacing?

TV aerials are built to last and are typically able to withstand the elements for more than 15 years, but they aren’t invincible. We’ve put together this article to highlight the most common causes of damage and to provide advice on your next steps.


This one makes the most sense, and you probably thought of it yourself when deducing the cause of a faulty TV signal. Although most aerials are built with the intent of withstanding the relentless Great British weather – usually 15 years of its minimum – it’s inevitable that the wear eventually becomes too much to bear.

Faulty installation can affect the longevity of your aerial, especially if strong winds and hailstones are constantly rattling it. You can’t guarantee your aerial was properly installed, especially if you weren’t there for its installation, but you can find plenty of services for TV aerial installation Tewkesbury, such as


Another aspect that can affect your TV aerial isn’t so visible: a changed frequency. When transmission towers change their frequencies (typically to accommodate mobile phones), you may find that you can no longer receive signals for your TV.

This problem is not common, fortunately, and nearly always stems from outdated aerial models being used. These models filter out lower frequencies, thus ignoring the higher frequencies that transmission towers opt for. In this instance, it’s highly likely that replacement is your only option. The BBC has a handy transmitter fault-checker here.

These two problems occur rather abruptly, and chances are you’ll know that a replacement is needed when you spot them. Some of the more insidious examples that may necessitate aerial replacement include missing channels, pixelated or frozen images and jittery video.

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It’s worth noting that aerials can have their off days, and occasional problems shouldn’t make you panic right away. Consistent troubles with any of the listed examples may be a warning sign to seek professional guidance, however. You might only need a repair in most instances, but it’s worth getting in touch with an expert to discuss your problems and find a solution.

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