How to wash blankets in the washing machine

The cold arrives and we need to prepare our blankets to be able to enjoy them, either decoratively or to relieve ourselves of winter days. If you want to save costs in dry cleaners and laundries, we suggest you wash your blankets in the washing machine, although you must take into account certain requirements so that the fabric is perfectly preserved, like the first day. Whether they are made of wool, fur, cotton or coral, among many other materials, the blankets should be washed carefully and using products suitable for each type of material. Do you want to know more? We explain how to wash blankets in the washing machine, quickly and efficiently, preserving the fabric, avoiding wear and tear, and keeping it in perfect condition. Take note!

Things to keep in mind before washing blankets in the washing machine

You have a beautiful blanket, you need to wash it and you want to do it comfortably from home, without having to resort to professionals. If this is the situation in which you find yourself, before putting the blanket in the washing machine we encourage you to check the manufacturer’s instructions and take into account some requirements that will determine whether or not the blanket is suitable for machine washing. This verification will allow you to carry out the optimal washing for the conservation of your blanket in perfect condition.

The material of the blanket

The material of which the blanket is made is one of the main characteristics that you should take into account before washing the blanket in the washing machine. Depending on the manufacturing fabric we will have to program one wash or another. In this sense, wool or polar blankets can be washed in the washing machine with a gentle program, while fur blankets are recommended to be washed by hand. To make sure how to wash the blanket in the washing machine properly, we recommend you consult the manufacturer’s label beforehand.

Blanket size

The size of the blanket is also important when considering washing since whether or not we can machine wash it at home will depend on the load of our washing machine. If you need a large washing machine, with an industrial load, you should take your blanket to a laundromat or dry cleaner.

Blanket washing recommendations

Last but not least, as we have previously pointed out, before starting to machine wash your blanket, we recommend that you pay close attention to the manufacturer’s own recommendations that you will find on the label. In the event that the blanket can be washed in the washing machine, you should use the delicate garments program, especially if it is a wool or polar blanket. This program uses cold water or a maximum of 30 degrees and a little spin. On the other hand, we recommend using detergents suitable for delicate garments and avoiding the use of fabric softeners to prevent the blanket from caking.

How to wash blankets in the washing machine step by step

As long as the label does not say otherwise, you can wash your blanket in the washing machine without having to go to a dry cleaner or a laundry. To perform this process properly follow these steps:

  • Put the blanket in the washing machine if the size is enough for a load of your machine.
  • Choose a short program, especially for delicate garments and with a cold water temperature ( maximum 30ºC ).
  • Add powdered or liquid detergent for delicate garments to the washing machine and take special care with the fabric of the blanket, in order to maintain it perfectly both in terms of softness, appearance, and color.
  • Avoid adding softeners, unless the fabric of the blanket requires it. In the case of wool blankets, you can use a quarter cup of white vinegar per wash in order to eliminate bad odors and maintain softness.
  • To reduce machine washing and keep your blanket clean we recommend brushing the blanket once a week. This way you will eliminate any lint or balls that it may have and you will avoid having to wash it in the machine more frequently, which will help it to be preserved much better.

How to dry a blanket

Drying your previously machine-washed blanket is the last important step to ensure that your blanket will stay looking good for longer. But how should a blanket be dried? The answer is simple: outdoors.

It is important that you place the blanket in such a way that it does not touch the ground, you can fold it in half if necessary. Then you should leave it in the sun or in the air until it is completely dry. In the case of fleece blankets, which have more material and take longer to dry than thin blankets, you can always put them in the dryer at a low speed.

Finally, also take this recommendation into account: airing the blanket and letting it get sun once a week will help eliminate mites and dust that may accumulate in its fabrics during use.

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