How to clean air conditioning filters

With the arrival of summer and the heat, starting the air conditioner becomes essential. But what must also become something unavoidable is its set-up and corresponding cleaning, to eliminate any type of dirt and thus avoid bad odors when turning it on. It is advisable to clean the filters of the air conditioning split at least once a year, this way we will extend the life of the device and -most importantly- we will avoid any type of health problem. So that you can always have it ready we tell you how to clean air conditioning filters.

You will need to:

  • Water
  • Liquid soap
  • dry cloth
  • Baize

Steps to follow:

Step: 1

First of all, we will lower the differential of the house to avoid any type of problem with electricity.

Step: 2

We will remove the cover, activating some type of tab, pin, or button that we will find on the sides of the air conditioning outlet device (it will vary depending on the brand and/or model).

Step: 3

After putting pressure on the fixing mechanism, we will pull up the sides and lift the cover until we hear a ” click ” and it is fixed and raised.

Step: 4

Once opened, there we find the filters; to remove them we push up and disengage them from the sideburns or tabs.

Step: 5

Next, we remove the filters by pulling them downwards.

Step: 6

We will wash the filters in the sink with liquid soap and plenty of water.

Step: 7

We will rub them abundantly until all the dirt is removed, but being careful not to dislodge them, and we will rinse them with plenty of water.

Step: 8

Once the filters are very clean, we will let them dry. We can speed up drying with a dry cloth, taking care not to put too much pressure on the filters.

Step: 9

We put the filters back in the split or air outlet device.

Step: 10

We close the lid of the console and clean the entire outer casing of the console with a damp cloth.


If your air conditioner continues to emit odors after cleaning the filters, there are specific products.

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