Protect your Garden from Burglars this Summer

Summer is just around the corner and all of us can start to look forward to spending more time outdoors, in the garden as well as out and about outdoors and on holidays. Although it is great to get outside, it is important to remember that being out and about makes us more at risk of being burgled. We all make sure that we protect our home from burglaries, but it is also important to protect the garden too.

Many burglars target gardens, being easier to access than the house themselves, and many people overlook security in their own gardens. Things like expensive garden furniture, toys, ornaments and machinery are all common targets for burglary, so it is important to protect your garden as well as you do your house.

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Here are a few things that you can do to keep your garden more secure…

Secure your Outbuildings – Sheds and garages are often the target of a burglary. Tools and garden machinery is often stored inside them, so make sure that you have a high-quality lock from a professional like these locksmiths Exeter based Guardian Security. Always ensure that the shed or garage is locked – even if you have just popped into the house – you would be surprised at how quickly an opportunist burglar can work when your back is turned.

Use Lighting – Gardens at night are usually dark, which is why thieves are able to get in and out undetected. Lighting is a great deterrent – security lighting is good to put outdoors in areas around the edge of the garden, and also anywhere that is naturally quite dark. You can also use solar lighting, which not only looks lovely at night but can also throw a bit of light on your garden.

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Make sure that even large expensive items are well secured – just because an item is large, like garden furniture, does not mean that thieves will not try to make off with it. You can buy anchors for keeping things on the ground (also handy for windy weather!) and you can also use bolts to keep the larger items on the ground, or even cement them in – this works well for kids’ play equipment like swing sets.

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