How to Improve your Sleep by Changing your Bedroom

Getting a good night’s sleep is such an important part of being healthy, both physically and mentally. One of the biggest factors that can improve your night’s sleep, is making an environment to sleep in that is more relaxing.

Your bedroom should be your sleep sanctuary where you wave goodbye to the stress of the day and can relax and unwind peacefully. In order to do this, here are a few things that will improve your bedroom to make it calmer, and of course then improve the quality of the sleep that you get at night…

A tidy and organised room helps to clear the mind of clutter and create a calmer atmosphere. If you are struggling to sleep and you have a cluttered bedroom, cleaning and tidying the bedroom could help. If storage is an issue, look into quality bedroom storage like these bespoke fitted wardrobes so that you can easily find a home for everything and enjoy a relaxed and tidy room to sleep in.

Scent is something else that can be a great help. Relaxing smells include lavender and chamomile. Whether you drink it as a tea before bed or use a diffuser or pillow spray, getting the relaxing scents into the bedroom can be a really good way to unwind and tell your brain that now is the time to sleep.

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Comfortable bedding is essential for a good night’s sleep. If you have a lumpy mattress or uncomfortable pillows you are just not going to be able to relax properly. Make sure that your bed is comfortable and cosy, inviting you to enjoy it after a long day at work. Look at what fabrics are best, and also change your bedding to suit the season – too hot or too cold and you will also have a poor night’s sleep.

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Colour is another important influence on the brain when it comes to relaxation. Some shades which are bright or bold are far too stimulating for a bedroom. Go with pastels and neutral, earthy tones which can help your mind to be more relaxed. Greens and blues in soft shades are particularly good for helping you to feel calmer and more comfortable, so are perfect for a bedroom.

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