Steps to a successful moving day

In 1967 two North American psychologists called Holmes and Rahe wanted to score the different levels of stress that someone can go through in life. They hoped to be able to give other psychologists the chance to be able to place someone immediately in terms of what treatment they might need and if they might become ill in the future. One of the things they included was moving home or a change in residence. Having a mortgage also scored on the ratings. Both  were around 20 points so they were quite high on the scale. How can you limit the amount of stress this all causes?

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The first thing to do is to contact a Removal Companies Bristol based operation such as They can make sure that all will be well on the big day. However, you can play a part in making things even easier.

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Firstly, make sure you have boxed up all valuables in secure boxes with bubble wrap and or packing chips. Also ensure that you write clearly on the boxes where you want them to go when they reach the new house. Secondly, having an idea of what furniture is due to be placed in which room is also a vital component of a solid structured move. You don’t have to know exactly where the chest of drawers should be placed but if you can give the movers an indication of the room it saves you having to lug it up the stairs later.

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