Why different settings need different types of floors

Flooring is often installed before anything else goes into the house and this is probably because it is the second most extensive thing installed aside from building the house.

Your kitchen tends to see a lot of action in terms of foot traffic as well as spills and other food related accidents. As a result, we could say your kitchen needs a thick “skin” but not too thick.

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The bedroom has its own personal charm, and the best flooring here would be most likely laminate wood flooring. Because the bedroom is a place of rest and seldom has too much foot traffic or substance-related accidents.

The bathroom has two things you should watch out for, water and mould, two things that can destroy wooden flooring in a few years. Going for the strongest type of flooring, stone or concrete is also not the best because these may become slippery when wet and you do not want that in the bathroom. The best and safest bet must be roughened tiles.

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Living Room
Your living room is the centerpiece of your home and what you need is flooring that is both elegant and durable. Here you can spoil yourself with a nicely polished concrete floor, polished wood flooring or if you want to go all out, polished stone flooring such as marble.

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