Kitchen procedures that can help prevent workplace tension.

There are several places where tensions can arise between employees, and it is essential to try and put mechanisms in place to reduce these where possible. For some, it can be tensions that arise when new team members join the department, and for others, it can be the personality differences that arise. These personality differences can be as simple as introverts and extroverts finding socialising in the workplace challenging to find common ground on, or as complicated as the difference between personalities when it comes to desk and office space organisation. There are ways that you can help alleviate these tensions and make a more harmonious working environment.

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Some common places where tensions can arise are desk spaces, shared meeting spaces and kitchen areas. Kitchen areas, in particular, can be a source of resentment and anger. Having a kitchen procedure in place can help with this. When developing these procedures, it is worth thinking about whether this is an area that you have asked an Office Cleaning Cheltenham company to help you with or whether it is something they could support you with in the future.

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If you have contract cleaning support for your kitchen area on a daily basis, you might want to ask your employees to ensure that any items that they have used during the day are either placed in the sink or in the dishwasher by the end of the day. You might also want to ask them to clean their own cutlery and cups throughout the day.

Other areas of tension tend to include the cleaning of microwaves and fridges, which you can ask a cleaning company to support you with, and also the refilling of kettles and coffee machines. Once again, you can ask all your staff to refill the kettle and coffee machine after they have used them to help prevent frustrations from rising.

It is also important that if you have communal tea, coffee and milk, you ensure that this is regularly refilled. This may form a part of your kitchen policy, or you might have a particular member of staff who you task with bringing milk into work every day and ensuring that the coffee and tea are regularly refilled. In most cases, this tends to be a receptionist or business manager who has access to petty cash to purchase these items.

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