How Does a Boy Prepare for Bar Mitzvah?

How does a boy prepare for his Bar Mitzvah? It is an important day for both the boy and his family. The ceremony marks the end of religious training and parental interference in the boy’s religious life anyway!

A speech will usually be connected to the Torah and give thanks to God. The boy should have some experience with giving speeches in Hebrew, but he can also give them in his native tongue. The boy’s speech should be a meaningful reflection of his relationship with God and the Torah. He may need help writing this speech.

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Tefillin is one of the most important symbols for the Bar Mitzvah. It is a custom for adult Jewish men to wear tefillin during morning prayers. Most congregations hold this rite in high regard. For many parents and grandparents, it is a point of pride and is also an important part of the boy’s speech at the reception. Typically, the boy speaks a Torah portion about becoming a man. To celebrate, consider giving Bar Mitzvah Cards from a site such as

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Preparing involves some work on the part of the child. Parents are often the best experts of their own children. Parents know whether their child is a high achiever or a procrastinator. They know if he does well on his own, but also if he struggles with deadlines. In addition to that, parents know if their child is good at completing tasks independently or sloppily. They know that their child has good Hebrew skills, but they do not necessarily keep track of it.

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