The Best Things About Grandmas

Whether you call her Nan, Nanny, Gran, Grandma or something else altogether, these matriarchs in our families hold a dear place in our hearts. There is no one quite like Grandma for hugs and feeling thoroughly spoiled.

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Of course, modern grannies are more likely to be working, socialising, and uploading on social media than the traditional view we hold of a little old lady sitting by the fire in a rocking chair. However, it matters not what they look like or what they do, they still carry that magical air of kindness, generosity, and love that always makes a visit a time to treasure.

Perhaps your nan always gave you a bit of spending money or a bag of sweets whenever you visited? Maybe she cooked the most amazing family meals that you can still smell and taste today? Perhaps she knitted your Christening blanket or the cute jumpers you wore as a toddler? If knitting is something that you have thought of taking up to revive some of that comforting nostalgia, consider knitting or Crochet Kits from a site like

Crocheting and knitting are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. With many now looking for an alternative to fast fashion, these traditional practices are being given a modern new twist. Contemporary and stylish knitwear is now something that can be achieved at home, as well as the possibility for creating stunning and comforting pieces for the home.

Grandmas have a special relationship with their grandchildren. They can show all the love that a parent can but with additional patience! They have been there, done that and as such, are not as anxious as a parent might be, as they have likely experienced all manner of scenarios when bringing up their own children. Grandparents also make the best babysitters as they can stay more relaxed, knowing that they get to hand the child back at the end of the day!

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A nanny is a wonderful person to talk to. Sometimes talking to a parent is difficult, as they are often too emotionally close to a situation to have a balanced discussion. A grandmother can be just the right person to offer a non-judgemental ear and the patience to let you speak without interruption. They have lots of life experience and will often be able to provide advice and solutions that you might not have considered.

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