Tidying up a garage space.

Garages are increasingly becoming used for more than just car storage. In fact, in many cases the car is the last thing that ever makes it into the garage. We are being very inventive with this space and the poor car has to make do with the driveway or the road side. However, if your garage is just a dumping ground it might be an idea to invest in some Boltless Shelving like that available from https://www.rackzone.ie/boltless-shelving-175kg. Once you’ve got everything off the floor you can take a look at the space and go for one of these ideas.

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  • Craft Room. If you have windows in the Garage this can become your place to create and craft. There is plenty of room for all the materials you will need.
  • Music Room. Some of the best bands in the world started in a garage. Now’s the chance to learn that guitar or drums course or set up some decks and start Djing.

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  • Home Gym. Going to the gym is a monthly expense. Why not cut out the middleman and buy your own equipment? The overall cost savings will be considerable.
  • Home Office. Rather than sacrifice a room inside the house turn the garage into the office. All you need is a pot plant and a motivational poster.

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