The Home office chair is important.

As we all start to look at the possibility of working in a home office more there is one aspect that needs to be deeply considered. It is the provision of an office chair. When we worked in offices our employers were bound by employment law to check on our wellbeing. This meant that work stations were looked at and you will have had to fill out a questionnaire asking if you were suffering back, neck or hand pain.

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Just because we are now turning kitchen worktops or bedrooms into offices does not mean that we should stop thinking about this. For example, you should seriously look at getting a decent Operator Chair rather than work on the sofa. Posture and position will ultimately suffer. Operator chairs for home offices should be just as important to your choices as the desk.

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If you don’t have a decent chair then your  health is going to start to suffer. Back related issues like sciatica are made particularly acute by posture. If your typing position is wrong you will start to feel numbness in the hand and pain in the fingers. This could be a sign of oncoming Carpal tunnel syndrome. Your chair is a tool. Use it wisely.

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