The Flat Cap – A Style That has Remained for Centuries

Some hats never go out of style – some are an enduring trend that always look stylish, as well as being practical. One of these styles is the flat cap. Of course, in recent years they have enjoyed a surge in popularity, as Peaky Blinders became one of the most popular shows on Netflix.

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However, as well as being a style statement, the reason that these caps have been around for centuries and are still going wrong is due to their design. They are less formal than many styles of hat, and also very useful, especially for those that enjoy countryside pursuits. With a snug fit and a small peak to shield the eyes, there is little wonder that they are still a favourite with those who enjoy shooting and fishing, to name but a couple of popular countryside hobbies. If you go to the races for a day, you will see flat caps aplenty!

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They are also so easy to carry and transport – they are small and sturdy enough to easily withstand being folded up and put into a bag or a pocket for example when they are no longer required. There are many varieties and types of flat cap that have been tweaked over the years, but if you are after something that is a real flat cap for yourself or a Christmas gift, something like these irish flat caps are sure to go down well, and last for years to come.

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