Did you update your Garden this Autumn?

As autumn arrives, it is time to pay attention to the garden, and ensure that it is ready for the incoming winter. The bad weather over the winter means that not many of us want to get out in the garden, but at this time of the year there are plenty of garden jobs to do that mean your garden can not only see through the winter but is also ready to look its best when the spring returns!

Make Repairs – Now is a time to batten down the hatches and prepare for the wild weather. It is a good time make repairs to things in the garden such as fences and anything that could be vulnerable to the wild wintery weather. Fences can be particularly dangerous if they are blown down and can cause a lot of damage, so doing this in the autumn makes your fence stronger for the winter. You can also make repairs to all the other things that you use in the garden so that they are ready for next year – for example, order replacement parts for your lawnmower from somewhere like Mountfield Parts https://www.diyspareparts.com/parts/mountfield so you can make the repairs that you need.

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Get Planting – As well as being a time to tidy up, autumn is also a time to look forward to spring and prepare the garden. Plant spring bulbs now so that you have a beautiful display next year. There are lots to choose from – daffodils and snowdrops are great as they come out early and bring the promise of warmer weather with them, and they are also versatile so can be planted in beds or containers. Other bulbs that are great to plant for the spring include alliums, crocus and hyacinths. You can also add mulch to the flowerbeds and pots as this will help the soil and can also help to keep pests away from dormant plants.

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Go Shopping – A this time of the year you can think ahead to any changes that you want to make to your garden or things that you would like to add or replace. If you want to begin a big garden project such as building a greenhouse or adding a garden room or summerhouse then now is the perfect time as you have the winter to get it done and can enjoy it in the summer. You will also find that there are a lot of sales and offers on products now that you can get at a reduced price such as garden furniture sets for example. If your furniture is looking past its best but you don’t want to replace it however, you could also use this time to give it a fresh coat of paint before putting it away or covering it over for the winter – so next summer you can enjoy it again!

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