Gobble Up These Thanksgiving Turkey Yard Decorations

Gobble Up These Thanksgiving Turkey Yard Decorations

The leaves are changing colors, the air is getting crisp, and pumpkins are on porches everywhere. That can only mean one thing – Thanksgiving is right around the corner! For many, this holiday marks the official start of the festive season. It’s a time to come together with loved ones, reflect on what we’re grateful for, watch some football, and eat copious amounts of delicious food. And what would a Thanksgiving feast be without the centerpiece – a perfectly roasted turkey? This iconic bird has become a symbol of the holiday. So why not bring some decorative turkeys outside to get your home into the Thanksgiving spirit? With so many unique and creative Thanksgiving turkey yard decorations available, you can easily transform your yard into a seasonal spectacle.

Get Inspired By Nature

When looking for Thanksgiving turkey yard decorations, it’s always nice to take inspiration from nature. After all, many of the traditional symbols of the holiday – like corn, gourds, and turkeys – come directly from the natural world around us. There are a few simple ways to incorporate organic elements:

  • Display bales of hay or straw on your lawn or porch. These make great rustic seating for guests and pair nicely with pumpkins or fall flowers. For an extra touch, adorn them with plaid blankets or pillows.
  • Make use of fallen leaves and acorns. Scatter them across your yard or use them in centerpieces. You could even glue them onto painted wooden cutouts to make turkey-shaped yard signs.
  • Incorporate dried corn stalks or sunflower stems into arrangements on your front steps or door. Hang them from shepherd’s hooks or prop them in baskets.

Using these natural items as the basis for your outdoor Thanksgiving decor lends a down-home, farmhouse vibe. For many, it evokes nostalgic memories of childhood holidays spent in the country.

Get Inspired By Nature: Thanksgiving Turkey Yard Decorations

Get Creative with Turkey Decorations

Now let’s talk turkeys! When it comes to decorating turkey yard decorations for Thanksgiving, this bird absolutely steals the show. Feel free to get creative, cute, or whimsical with how you display your decorative turkeys. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Wooden cutouts: Paint, stain, or decoupage simple plywood turkey shapes. You can find turkey templates online. Add a bow tie or bandana around their necks. Then display them prominently in your yard – leaning against trees or fences or staked into the ground.
  • Inflatables: It’s nearly impossible to drive by a house between October and January without seeing at least one inflatable decoration. Turkeys make for great inflatables with their big bodies and vibrant colors. Opt for a traditional looking standing tom or get a more cartoonish turkey holding a pumpkin.
  • Hay bale sitters: Turn your hay bale seating into a turkey haven. Simply sit some turkey cutouts or stuffed decoys on top of the bales. Add small pumpkins, gourds, or fall flowers around them. You can find life-size turkey statues made specifically for sitting on hay bales or other surfaces.
  • Yard stakes: Drive colorful metal turkey silhouettes into your lawn or flower beds. Many of these yard stakes feature cutouts of turkeys strutting, eating corn, or posing. Place a flock of turkeys of varying shapes and sizes for a quirky decoration.
  • Flags and banners: Fly a Thanksgiving flag featuring everyone’s favorite bird. Or hang banners and signs with turkey graphics, cute sayings like “Welcome, y’all”, or Happy Thanksgiving wishes. Place these on railings, posts, fences, or wear them from porch columns.

Your creativity is the limit when decorating with turkeys for Thanksgiving outdoors!

Dress Up Your Front Door

The front door is the focal point of any home’s curb appeal. So take some time to give yours a complete Thanksgiving makeover. Here are some turkey-centric ideas for your front porch and door:

  • Wreaths: Opt for a full wreath featuring turkey feathers, small turkey figurines, little gourds, acorns, and fall foliage. Or get a plain fall wreath and embellish it yourself with turkey accents. Place a vibrant bow on the bottom made of burlap, plaid fabric, or fall leaves.
  • Garlands: Adorn your doorway with a fresh evergreen garland accented with turkey cutouts or ornaments throughout. Wrap fall garland around columns and railings. Accent with turkey feathers or bows.
  • Door hangers: Wooden cutout turkeys, plush stuffed turkey toys, door socks with turkey designs, harvest signage, and other turkey-themed hangers are all great options.
  • Mats: Ground your space with a front door mat starring – you guessed it – turkeys! The options range from simple designs to mats that look like real turkey feathers.

With a warm and welcoming turkey-adorned front door, you’re sure to put a smile on guests’ faces when they first arrive to your home. It sets the tone for the cozy Thanksgiving vibes they can expect inside.

Dress Up Your Front Door

DIY Turkey Decor

Part of the fun of holiday decorating comes from making things yourself. So why not tap into your creative side this season with some DIY turkey decor for outdoors? Here are a few simple projects to try:

  • Leaf turkey: Use fall leaf shapes from colored construction paper. Glue them together into the shape of a turkey with larger leaves for its body and tail. Then display your turkey in a window, on a door, fence, etc.
  • Handprint turkeys: This is the perfect kids craft! Trace your little one’s handprint onto brown paper or cardboard. Cut out the shape. Then add legs, gobbler, eyes and other turkey features. Display them playing in your garden or holding letters that spell out “Thankful” or “Grateful.”
  • Clothespin turkey: Paint a set of wooden clothespins brown and yellow. Glue on googly eyes and red wattle. Use a larger clothespin for the body, smaller ones for wings. Clip your turkey to a wreath, garland, or inside arrangement.
  • Magazine collage: Cut out turkey photos from old magazines and collage them together into the shape of a turkey. Hang him proudly on your front door or on the porch railing.

Flex those crafting muscles and let your creativity shine by making Thanksgiving turkey decor from scratch. The personal touch you add makes these projects even more special.

Illuminate Your Home

What better way to truly transform your home for the holidays than with festive lighting? As soon as the sun sets on Thanksgiving day, switch on your turkey-themed outdoor illuminations. Here’s how to use lights to highlight your turkey decor:

  • Spotlights: Use spotlights or floodlights to draw attention to large decorative turkeys around your yard. The lighting will make them stand out after dusk and cast dramatic shadows.
  • Accent lighting: You can buy string lights shaped like turkeys or with turkey silhouettes printed on the bulbs. Use them to accent wreaths, garlands, trees, bushes, and railings.
  • Porch lighting: Line your front porch with strands of orange string lights or single festive porch lamps in the shape of plump turkeys. This lighting instantly makes your entryway more inviting.
  • Pathway illumination: Light up a pathway to your front door with small turkey cutouts along the sides. Place a light inside each one to make it glow. Guide guests right to your front entrance in style!

With the glow of turkey lights, your home will truly feel like Thanksgiving personified after the sun goes down each night. It’s amazing what a few strategic lights can do for your holiday curb appeal!

Flock Together Inflatables

Inflatable decorations have become a holiday staple, making it all the way into classic Christmas movie plots. So this year, go big or go home with the inflatables on your lawn! Cluster two, three, or four large inflatable turkeys together for a dramatic display. Or opt for groupings of smaller turkey inflatables interspersed with fall flowers and pumpkins. No matter how you arrange them, more turkeys means more fun. You’ll have the most festive flock on the block!

Give Back with Decor

The Thanksgiving season is also an excellent time to give back and help those less fortunate in your community. So why not incorporate some charitable giving into your outdoor decor this year? Here are a few turkey yard decorations:

  • Set up a donation bin or box and decorate it with turkey graphics. Collect canned goods and other nonperishable items to donate to a local food bank.
  • Display a sign in your yard advertising the details of a Thanksgiving food drive happening at a nearby school, church, office, etc.
  • For every inflatable turkey you display, donate $10 to charity. Let your decorations spread some extra holiday cheer!
  • Handwrite notes of gratitude on artificial fall leaves. Display them on a garland on your railing or fence for passersby to enjoy. Include info about charities that could use community support this time of year.

Even if you keep your actual decorations simple, you can still turn your home into a hub for holiday giving. Bring the community together and help spread that Thanksgiving spirit!

Give Back with Decor

Go All Out!

For the enthusiastic decorators out there, don’t hold back! Go all out and make your home the talk of the neighborhood this Thanksgiving. Here are some ways to go over the top with your turkey decor:

  • Cover every square inch of your yard with inflatables – the more turkeys the better!
  • Use wooden pallets, crates, and barrels to make a larger-than-life turkey scene for your front yard.
  • Make giant custom turkey sculptures out of metal, wood, cardboard, or other materials. Spare no creative expense!
  • Project turkey images or messages onto the front of your home each night.
  • Pipe in turkey calls, music from the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special, and other audio effects.
  • Dress up like a pilgrim or Native American and become part of the display!
  • Buy an entire flock of decorative turkeys, from tiny figures to massive statues.

Let your turkey flag fly and make sure every neighbor, passerby, and even overhead planes know it’s Thanksgiving time at your home! Creating that visual spectacle and making people smile will feed your holiday spirit.

So there you have it – lots of ideas to fill your outdoor space with turkeys this season. With so many unique, creative, and budget-friendly options available, you’re sure to find ways to decorate your heart out and impress your guests. So embrace your inner turkey enthusiast this Thanksgiving! Just be sure to leave room for all the family and friends you’ll want to flock together to share in the holiday cheer.


What are some good places to shop for turkey yard decorations?

You can find turkey decorations for your yard at most retail stores like Walmart, Target, Michaels, Joann Fabrics, Home Depot, and Lowes. Check out their seasonal sections and online shops. Local craft stores, nurseries, hardware stores, and grocery stores are also great places to look for turkey decor. Search sites like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy for unique finds.

What are hay bale sitters and how do you make them?

Hay bale sitters involve displaying stuffed toy turkeys or decorative turkey statues on top of hay bales placed around your yard. Position them as if they are sitting on the hay. You can find false hay bales made of plastic at many stores if you don’t have access to real hay. Display a flock of turkeys on your bales for a cute scene.

How far in advance of Thanksgiving should you decorate your yard?

Most people decorate their yards about 1-2 weeks before Thanksgiving. However, some enthusiasts start putting up a few decorations in early November to kick off the holiday season after Halloween passes. Waiting too long risks missing out on some items selling out. Avoid decorating more than 3 weeks in advance or your decorations may appear stale by Turkey Day.

What are some alternatives to inflatable turkeys?

While inflatable turkeys are popular, other options include wood or metal cutouts, yard stakes, turkey flags, hay bale sitters, decorated wreaths/garlands, illuminated wire/resin turkeys, and DIY turkey decorations. Get creative with turkey decor that fits your decorating style – cute, rustic, whimsical, elegant, or funky!

How do you safely decorate the outside of your home for Thanksgiving?

When decorating outside for Thanksgiving, ensure all cords and lighting are rated for outdoor use. Only display weather-resistant decor. Properly secure any decorations to avoid damage from wind and rain. Never overload extension cords or outlets. Place inflatables and decorations away from roads and sidewalks to avoid collisions. Removed any tripping hazards and use outdoor extension cords rated for the intended use.


Thanksgiving is the perfect time to show off your creativity and decorating skills for the neighborhood to enjoy. Enhance the warmth of your home this Thanksgiving with warm and cozy Thanksgiving wall art, seamlessly complementing the festive atmosphere created in your yard through a myriad of fun turkey-themed options, including flags, inflatables, and hay bale creations, adorned with natural elements like leaves, gourds, and corn stalks for that perfect touch of traditional fall flair. Don’t forget to dress up your front door, embark on creative DIY projects, and infuse a glow with festive lighting, turning your space into a seasonal wonderland of holiday joy.. However you choose to decorate, your guests and passersby will surely be impressed. So let your inner turkey shine through in your turkey yard decorations this Thanksgiving! Gobble, gobble!

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