Ideas to decorate with lights

A cozy, warm house that invites you to rest is what you can achieve with good lighting. Both the color of the lights and the place where you place them are important to ensure that each room has its own atmosphere and the energy that you want to give it. Spaces such as the bedroom or the living room are the ones that most people want to have decorated in a cozy way and, for this reason, yellowish and orange-toned lights tend to prevail here.

But if you want to achieve an even greater effect, you can choose to place other lights in corners of your home that will give it an incomparable touch. In this article, we are going to give you some ideas for decorating with lights that will make your house shine with its own light.

Small decorative details

If you want to achieve an intimate room that is perfect for a romantic dinner or for a moment of reading, a good decoration idea is to place lights or candles inside glass jars. In order not to spend money, it is best to reuse the canning jars that you usually use in the kitchen, clean them and decorate them as you want.

More and more people are choosing to recycle glass jars to give new uses to these everyday objects that, once their content has been consumed, used to be discarded. With the ecological awareness that exists today, many people have chosen to use them for other purposes such as containers to store utensils, original candle holders, or even photo frames.

Charming rooms

Another very original way to decorate with lights is to hang garlands on the wall. They weigh very little and are perfect for giving light to a space as infrequent as the walls of a room. It will give you a cozy and very pleasant touch, as well as offer a perfect point of light for the most intimate moments with your partner.

Something that people usually do is hang some photos on the wall and have these garlands pass over them to highlight those memories and make all the elements on the wall part of the same decoration.

Original decoration with lights

We continue with the ecological decoration but, on this occasion, we will reuse the wine bottles to give them a new use. The best thing for these cases is to choose lights that are of an intense color because, normally, the color of the glass is opaque and it is necessary for the lights to shine more strongly.

This decoration is perfect for spaces in your home, such as the hall or the dining area, as it will give it a different, original, and cozy touch.

In children’s rooms

If you have children you can also opt for decoration with lights in their rooms. It is a way of giving a different touch to the room and, in addition, it will be very useful for children who are afraid of the dark and have trouble falling asleep.

When talking about a children’s room, it is best that you opt for garlands that are rounded or have animal drawings, for example, you can hang them on the headboard of the bed, above a mirror, behind the door, or as you see in the image: with an original tree that will give it a touch of fantasy.

A romantic room

If you want to decorate the room for a romantic night or, simply, you want to give your bedroom a more dreamlike atmosphere, a good option is to place lights on the wall where you place your head when you sleep. As you can see in the image, our proposal is that you hang curtains on this wall and place the lights between them. The result is perfect.

If you don’t just like the curtain in that area, you can choose to hang a cloth or simply place the lights at the head of the bed. The effect will be similar and you will be able to enjoy a magical and very warm corner.

Decorate with lights at Christmas

The Christmas season is a perfect time to fill your home with lights and a more careful decoration, therefore, the last idea that we propose is for you to learn to decorate with Christmas lights and make your house perfect to receive your guests. . There are many ways to do it because these lights are placed in areas such as the Christmas tree, the Manger, the entrance to the house, etc.

But a different way of doing it is in places where they are not usually placed, such as between the curtains in the living room or dining room; As you can see in the image, the effect is very cozy and your relatives will be amazed.

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