Do you have a tree that is damaged?

A professional tree surgeon will help you maintain your trees, and ensure that your garden is beautiful. Many homeowners don’t realise they need a professional until the damage is done.

You need to be able to recognise the warning signs in order for your trees to be protected.

  1. Dead Branches

How can you tell that a tree is dying?

Dead branches are one of the most obvious signs that a tree is dying. A dying or dead branch will usually be a different colour than a healthy branch or tree. It may also have trouble holding its shape.

There is an easy way to test if you’re still not sure. Break a small branch or stick off the tree. Healthy branches are hard to break, and have green inside.

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  1. Damage to the roots

A tree’s roots can also be a warning sign. Although you can’t see the majority of a tree’s roots, you can still look for surface signs to determine if they are damaged.

The most obvious sign of root damage on a tree is wilting. This indicates that the tree does not get enough nutrients to stay healthy. This means that the roots have lost their ability to obtain the nutrients they require from the soil.

It is important to call a reputable tree surgeon when you notice wilting. They can inspect the roots and if necessary, help remove the tree safely. For a Tree Surgeon Gloucester, visit

  1. Leaning

Leaning trees can also be a sign of tree death. A certain amount of leaning is normal. If a tree leans more than normal, or appears to lean more than 15°, you may have a problem.

A leaning tree is another sign that your roots are damaged. A leaning branch is also a sign that your roots are damaged.

The tree could be beyond repair at some point. Call a reputable tree surgeon to determine if the tree is salvageable or needs to come down.

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  1. Overgrown Branches

We discussed earlier how dead branches can be a sign of a dying or dead tree. Overgrown branches are another sign to be on the lookout for.

It usually happens when trees are planted close together. The branches will grow on top of each other over time. The friction can lead to rot.

Even if these trees do not succumb to rot, overgrown branches can affect the amount of water and sunlight that the trees receive. At this point, you are better off calling a tree surgeon to see if they can save your trees through professional pruning.

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