Turn your small balcony into a garden

It does not matter if your balcony is very small or if it has a square or elongated shape. Transforming it and taking advantage of it is much easier than you think.

The good weather has arrived, you live in the city and it seems that all the flowers and plants on terraces, flower shops, and balconies strut when you walk past them. Well, it’s time to stand up to them and show them that they can look even better on your balcony. Choose a day (today? or tomorrow?) and fill your outdoor space with life and color. Take advantage of it and enjoy your private mini urban garden.

Follow these simple guidelines and transform it:

Green Leafy Plants

Without them, you won’t be able to do it. They represent the base from which you will start to build your little garden. Bet on species resistant to wind and sun and that do not need excessive care, such as ficus, strawberry tree, or aloe vera. You can even put a small tree like lemon or kumquat at one end.

The Flowers, The Touch Of Color

So that your garden has a harmony of colors, opt for a color range such as pink, fuchsia, and white or lilac, purple, and fuchsia. Choose between 3 and 5 different species for your balcony. Alegrias, petunias, and hydrangeas are ideal, and they bloom in various colors, too.


If you are lucky enough to have a window that overlooks the balcony with a small shelf, you can put some aromatic herbs such as basil, oregano, or lavender in this space. Its intense scent is sure to transport you to the countryside every time you go out on the balcony or open the window.

Take Advantage Of The Wall

Vines are undoubtedly an essential plant if you want to turn your balcony into a garden. Take advantage of all the space around the door or window and fill it with green. You can do this by installing a lattice or an old pallet where the plant will climb.

The Railing, Your Cover Letter

It is the space most seen from the street. Therefore, place flowering plants here. To take advantage of all the space, you can create different levels: one lower, at ground level, with hanging flower boxes, and another, with floating pots secured with anchoring safety systems.

Create Different Levels Of Height

Take advantage of pots of different sizes to gain height and the sensation of having a lush garden. You can stack pots with plants of different sizes. You can also use a small stool and place plants on it.

Pots Do It Yourself

On all the balconies there are the classic clay pots. So to give it a modern and different touch, recycle aluminum cans, paint them in bright colors, and turn them into unique pots. Wooden fruit boxes, wellies, or old tires can also be an alternative to traditional planters.

Warm Lighting

If you are lucky enough that the sun illuminates your balcony for most of the day, install solar lights to create an intimate and personal atmosphere. String lights are the best option. Two or three candle lanterns will also allow you to create this very special atmosphere.

Invite New Inhabitants

Place one or two wooden birdhouses so that they can nest on your balcony and bring joy and vitality to your urban garden. You can also put a small fountain so they have a place to drink clean water.

Your Own Corner

You already have all the elements you needed to turn your balcony into your little garden. Now you just need to leave a small space where you can place a table with a couple of chairs or a mini lounger to go out and enjoy dinner or the company of a good book.

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